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How The Nightie Became The Bedroom-To-Bar Dress That’s A Life-Saver In The Heatwave

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Through years of social conditioning the idea of wearing pyjamas during daylight hours is finally normal. Understandably it was once practised solely by mums on school runs and students too lazy to do their washing (and too lazy to get dressed), but now the woke-up-like-this outfit is part of the everyday vernacular. After all, Chiara Ferragni wore a silk set to fashion week and Harry Styles has donned a striped Morgan Lane PJ shirt with tailored trousers. And yet, the nightgown has never enjoyed much prominence.

Let’s be honest the nightie never made sense for bed either. It was always too sexy to sleep in or would annoyingly bunch up in the night. But, compelled by the heatwave and the current cautiously modest trend that sees dresses embrace maxi-lengths and looser cuts, the evidence is mounting in the nightdress’ favour.

'Cotton is exceptionally lightweight, and also breathable, allowing space for air to pass through to help keep you cool', Victoria Shelton, garment technologist at Figleaves, explains. 'It’s hypo-allergenic and so is especially suitable for people with skin sensitivity which can be exacerbated in the heat'.

Ladies like Leandra Medine, Laura Jackson and Alice Catherine have shown us there are two sides to this sleeper trend. Consider the Victoriana night-gown (that voluminous billowy item that’s made of breezy cotton) and the silky slip. Both will free up space for your hand-luggage holidays by fulfilling two purposes and both make more sense with a sneaker. With the Wendy gown (trademarking this moniker after Peter Pan’s playmate) it’s easy to layer with a cardigan or amplify its sheer potential with big pants or a fluoro bra. Meanwhile, the salacious silken slip, like the whispy delights made by Carine Gilson, take the rebirth of the 90s baby doll dress to new heights. Whichever nightie school you subscribe to, we advise adding a fugly pair of shoes. Nothing tones down the unexpected encounter with a night gown pre-watershed like a pair of Tevas or clunky dad trainers.

At the forefront of the trend is Sleeper, a label championed by Pandora Sykes, Emily Ratajkowski and Veronika Heilbrunner. Sleeper's founders explain, 'We think that bed-to-beach idea is having such a moment. I think it's about mobility and simplicity. One can wear real pajamas, slip into mules, throw over a coat and go out with the dog to a café – isn’t it wonderful! The same applies to holidays. The idea of being comfortable both on the beach and at dinner with friends just having packed three dresses is very appealing.'

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