If You Love Phoebe Philo’s Celine Then You Will Love Neous

If You Love Phoebe Philo’s Celine Then You Will Love Neous

    By Lucy Morris Posted on 4 Sep 2018

    There is something profoundly appealing about a label that matches sparing simplicity, expert construction with fashion forwardness. We thought we hit the jackpot when Phoebe Philo was designing Celine. Though nothing so far says we won’t have the same sensation with Hedi Slimane now at the reigns of the fashion house, however, with Philo’s on hiatus, we’ve been on the hunt for a new label that spares us the panic of trend-first fashion and counters the dirty fix of the cheap duds with expert construction and subtly. As far as footwear goes, no label fits the bill quite like Neous.

    Stylist Vanessa Antonius and her dear friend the designer Alan Buanne marry modernist construction and the undeniable quality of Italian craftsmanship with their label Neous. Founded just a little over three-years-ago, it’s competitively priced for a small-scale luxury label - shoes start at £395 - but that’s not why it’s exploded over the street style scene. The spherical orb heels and 60s mod ankle boots can transform the simplest of ensembles.


    Neous, Acan, £395

    1 of 8

    Neous, Acan, £395

    2 of 8

    Neous, Opus, £395

    3 of 8

    Neous, £650

    4 of 8

    Neous, Sed, £595

    5 of 8

    Neous, Hea, £685

    6 of 8

    Neous, Sieve, £714

    7 of 8

    Neous, Loda, £495

    8 of 8

    Neous, Brough, £495

    These eight shoes prove that minimalism isn’t dead, at least not in our wardrobe!

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