Musier Paris: The Fashion Brand That Real French Women J’Adore

Musier Paris

by Lucy Morris |
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Devouring carbs with no calorific impact, wearing red lipstick without smudging it and having mussed-up hair that looks sexy, not messy; I know the nebulous concept of the French Girl is a fantasy. I know it’s as unreal as Cinderella and that the media pile-up of articles on French ageing and Parisian wardrobes is a myth-making exercise, and yet I look at Musier Paris and the women that wear the label and I’m sold hook, line and sinker.

Like Jeanne Damas’ Rouje and Gilda Ambrosio’s Attico, Musier Paris is another insta(nt)-success story. Like her contemporaries, founder Anne-Laure Mais, who goes by Adenorah on Instagram where she has 444.8K followers, has transformed the practice of uploading ensembles to a drooling fanbase into a brand. Though to be fair, the label’s website describes themselves as ‘[m]ore than a brand, Musier reflects the new generation of connected and inspired muses’.

Sidelining the transitional shopping calendar for something more fluid, the label, which launched in March of this year, will drop new pieces every two months. Championing natural fibres (silk, viscose and cotton) from European mills, the pieces (so far) are pure double-tap media fodder. The prints and colours and bold enough to get the Likes rolling in and the shapes are on-trend in an unassuming way. For the Reformation and Realization Par customer, this will be familiar territory with printed wrap dresses and retro-feel accessories heroes. We’re particularly keen on the Laura jumpsuit - it’s as if Jane Birkin and Glossier’s sales assistant and a love child.

Once again, here’s proof that the power of Instagram shouldn’t be underrated. If friendships and careers can be made on social media, who says fashion labels can’t as well


musier paris shopping

musier paris shopping1 of 14

Musier Paris, Laura Jumpsuit, £152.86

musier paris shopping2 of 14

Musier Paris, Lisa Dress, £106.54

musier paris shopping3 of 14

Musier Paris, Alicia Bag, £115.80

musier paris shopping4 of 14

Musier Paris, Morgane Dress, £134.31

musier paris shopping5 of 14

Musier Paris, Camille Sunglasses, £26.87

musier paris shopping6 of 14

Musier Paris, Laure Jumpsuit, £152.86

musier paris shopping7 of 14

Musier Paris, Ariane Shirt, £61.60

musier paris shopping8 of 14

Musier Paris, Lucette Bag, £226.94

musier paris shopping9 of 14

Musier Paris, Lily Shoes, £152.83

musier paris shopping10 of 14

Musier Paris, Olivia Dress, £134.33

musier paris shopping11 of 14

Musier Paris, Nahia Dress, £105.60

musier paris shopping12 of 14

Musier Paris, Rosa Sandals, £152.83

musier paris shopping13 of 14

Musier Paris, Lucia Dress, £61.60

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Musier Paris, Celine Dress, £134.33

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