Every Piece From The Moschino [TV] H&M Connection

Every Piece From The Moschino [TV] H&M Connection

    By Laura Antonia Jordan Posted on 11 Oct 2018

    Date for your diary: 8th November, AKA the next H&M designer collab day. Picking up the baton from Erdem, this year is the turn of Moschino’s Jeremy Scott who brings the brand’s high-energy glam to the high-street. And revealed today is every single piece from the collection, so you can start planning exactly what you’ll want to get your hands on next month.

    H&M’s designer collaborations have form in generating excitement – who can forget the Balmain dresses which traded on eBay for more than some mainline pieces retail at? Pieces from the Margiela, Comme des Garcons and Marni collections still do the rounds with the fashion pack. Queues are guaranteed. ‘The collaborations are a celebration of fashion, like a global party that everyone is invited to,’ says H&M’s Creative Advisor Ann-Sofie Johansson. ‘Right now fashion is all about being loud and in-your-face, about expressing yourself through what you wear. Jeremy at Moschino is the perfect designer for this year’s collaboration because his work is so bold and free and full of fun and energy’.

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    So what will Jeremy bring? ‘I really wanted this to be the real deal. For me it’s more than just a collaboration. I wanted it to be like an extra Moschino collection for the season, with the same energy, the same impact, the same authenticity. It’s like a special moment for the season, a capsule of Moschino pieces that you know you’re only going to find at the H&M store,’ explains Jeremy, who says he ‘freaked out’ (that’s a good thing) when H&M approached him. ‘I absolutely believe fashion should be democratic. There are so many fans round the world who want to wear fashion, but they don’t want to have to spend two months’ rent on it. I don’t think things should get dumbed down when they’re at a lower price point. If anything they should be more fierce!’.

    There was no watering down. ‘It’s 100% Moschino!,’ says Jeremy. ‘It’s in the bling bling bling, the pop culture, the fierce Italian glamour, the mix of high and low, and of course in the MOSCHINO logo. When I’m designing I’m always thinking about my friends. The thing is, that friend might be Rihanna, or it might be the girl who sits next to me in the office. If I can’t visualise that, then I don’t want to do it,’ he says. ‘A lot of my fans love things that look like they’re worn on stage by a pop star. And then a lot of my girls who are actually on the stage would totally wear that piece too’. Cue: leather dresses, super-cropped jackets, metallic trouser suits and heeled hiking boots. Archival touches – like the CD print and brazen gold trompe l’oeil chains – are remixed for now. Sweatshirts and baseball shirts emblazoned with Disney characters have ‘sell out’ written all over them. Want to go full on (which really

    Jeremy might trade in good vibes clothes, but the politically astute designer (he’s currently binge-reading Bob Woodward’s <Fear: Trump in the White House) is also aware of the power of fashion as a platform for making serious statements. Taking his bow at his own-label show in New York in September, Scott wore a T-shirt protesting Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

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    ‘Our clothing speaks before we open our own mouth. It tells people who we are or who we believe we are. It can convey an emotion, an inspiration and of course a message,’ Jeremy explains. ‘I was personally moved by the hearings on CNN about Kavanaugh and felt I had to use my moment. I wanted to help inspire other people that maybe had not been reached to please take time to call their senators, and to voice their objections. So yes, I do think fashion can be political. Part of fashion is about being linked with culture, and the wider goings on in politics, in finance and in the whole human experience. True fashion cannot live in a vacuum’.

    For Jeremy it’s also vital that he uses his platform to champion diversity. For the H&M campaign and lookbook he drew on a glamorous, varied cast including friend Gigi Hadid, drag superstar Aquaria and plus-sized model Barbie Ferreira. ‘Diversity is my life. It’s part of who I am, and it’s been a part of my collections since I first started in the 90s. With the Moschino [tv]H&M campaign I wanted to show how diversity should be something that’s natural for all of us, no matter who you are or where you come from. I love how fashion is a place where you can push for change, and it’s so amazing to be able to do so on the global stage of H&M’. ‘Jeremy is such a gentleman. He’s so fun to be around, and he’s so polite and attentive. It’s amazing to watch him work, because with this he’s also incredibly focused and dedicated to his work. He has strong opinions, and instinctively knows what is right for the brand,’ says Ann-Sofie. ‘It’s such a perfect mix of characteristics, because he gets so much work done, and yet everyone also has the best time doing it’.

    You’ll also have the best time wearing it; the Moschino [tv]H&M collection radiates a sense of fun. ‘Humour is so much part of what makes Moschino tick,’ says Jeremy. ‘It was so much fun thinking about the pieces that will make the fans go crazy’. And crazy they will go – make sure you set your alarm early on the 8th.

    MOSCHINO[tv]H&M is available from 8th November.

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