Who Really Is A Monki Customer?

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by Lucy Morris |
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When Monki opened in 2011 I realised two things: making decisions about dresses, shoes and jeans is hard and Monki changing rooms have great lighting.

It’s inevitable that there are some life events that some people are just more comfortable with. Adrenaline junkies look at a miles-deep canyon and see bungee jumping potential (not vertigo) whileMonkishoppers look at festivals with the same mix of lust, anticipation and ease. This is why I know I am not aMonkiwoman, not because I don’t like the store (I love it), but because to embody the Monki spirit it takes so much more than a jumpsuit, bomber jacket and a bum bag (sorry, forgot, we’re calling them belt bags these days).

People talk about lifestyle brands, those that serve up an image of what your life could be. But, Monki really is a lifestyle, its a spirited, energetic, Manic Pixie Dream Girl wearing platform trainers and hooped earrings.

Monki Stores

Football fans are much like Monki shoppers – bear with me – their allegiance is strong, their dedication unwavering and, of course, they wear a uniform. When I see one in the wild, on their hunting turf in the Monki Manchester and Carnaby Street stores, this special breed of female knows instinctively their prey. Usually, it’s a pair of pastel coloured jeans or a baggy dress that when paired with the right pair of trainers (important!) it no longer looks like the sack it appeared on the hanger.

Monki Size Guide

She’s the type of woman who looks stunning after three days of camping (not glamping) and thinks: fun. She has a sneaker collection to rival size? and a weekend full of plans with not a single activity she’s pre-planning to flake on. For the Monki customer size guides don’t matter, because she’s the type of person who can buy online and not return anything. When the Monki woman isn’t drinking pints or taking #selfies in front of statement walls (hello Frank’s Cafe's famous pink staircase) she’s giggling with her girl mates. Sure, she probably got ID’d when she entered the bar, but that’s because her skincare regime is on point (The Ordinary and Fenty, thank you very much). (Or maybe it’s because she still has a student discount).

While she can kick it back with the guys, she’s a female ally. She’ll tell you whats what on internalized feminism and won’t take any of your #everydaysexism. Get her on the topic of politics and you’re shoved in the deep-end with her complex, methodical theories on Brexit, Jeremey Corbyn and being part of Generation Rent.

Monki brings out the cool in even the most neurotic millennial. It's like a savant for trends -Monki kickstarted fun faux fur on the highstreet and softened athleisure. But, it's also unmissable for basics. Need a new slip dress? Head to Monki. Need a polo neck? It has your back.

If you’re the Monki woman you know when to hit pause on a trend. Yeah, flares had their moment, but you know it was time to embrace a Carrie Bradshaw-meets-Courtney Love on a comedown aesthetic. Broadly speaking, her wardrobe is eclectic, her life is a heck of a lot of fun so props to you if you are a Monki woman. If only I could be too…

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