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Monday looming? Here’s What To Wear To Work This Week

© Instagram/@alyssainthecity

Mantra for the week: don’t bore the boardroom with that same old suit. Whether you spend your 9-to-5 surrounded by creative types or buttoned-up with city blokes, adhering to any office dress code is hard work. Add in this season’s trends, which are as wacky as they are appealing (looking at you cowboy boots and plastic) and we’ve got a conundrum on our hands.

The rules about what you can and can’t wear to work have changed - out has gone the mandatory heels but in its place has come an expectation that your wardrobe reflects your ambition. They say ‘dress for the job you want’, but in many cases that requires not just new clothes, but a new paycheck to afford it. Keeping your Monday-to-Friday styling on point but in line with your budget arguably requires as much time, management and dedication as the role itself. If you’re ready for a refresh in line with the latest trends, get inspired by this arsenal of Instagram’s most stylish women, and then arm yourself with a shopping guide of get the look STAT: