This British Jewellery Brand Went From A Side Project To One Of Meghan And Kate’s Favourites

And it's affordable.

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by Laura Antonia Jordan |

Trends can be divided into two camps. On the one hand you have the obvious, unmissable, unavoidable. One the other, you have the quieter breed of trends, that sneak up on you but are equally unavoidable - and irresistible.

Two summers ago, one of these stealth trends crept up on us, when we were suddenly all compelled to start wearing multiple strands of necklaces, specifically delicate gold necklaces with bohemian charms and pendants. They had an air of ‘oh this? I picked it up on a Greek island/Moroccan souk/a Goan beach’ but more likely, they were snagged from Missoma, the West London based jewellery brand that’s made a name with its gold vermeil pieces.

Missoma’s success has been a similar slow burn. Founded by Marisa Hordern in 2008, Missoma is a seemingly overnight success that actually took over a decade to build. ‘People think that these things happen overnight, but it takes years. And years. And years,’ laughs Hordern. ‘You struggle and there were times when I thought 'What am I doing? Where is this going?' You doubt yourself. But you have to keep going. I think it’s all about perseverance’.

Just five years ago Hordern, who left her job at Richemont to pursue her ‘side project’, was still counting on pulling in favours to help make the jewellery from her kitchen table. ‘I had to get my friends in, my sister, my mum, my friend’s daughter, my cleaner, everyone to help us,’ she says. ‘It really was a family affair’. (Missoma, by the way, is a combination of her name, her mother’s and her sister’s).

Today, things look a little different. With a staff of 55, Missoma has a 6,000 square foot warehouse (in other words, space for a lot of necklaces, bracelets and earrings). According to The Sunday Times Fast Track 100 list, between 2017-2018 it was the fourth fastest growing company in the UK, and the fastest female-led one. There’s been a 148.26% sales rise over the past few years. ‘A lot of big changes,’ says Hordern. ‘We’ve been busy’.

So, what does Hordern put that success down to? ‘It really found its groove when the brand found its sweet spot. That’s when you’ve got the right design, quality, price point, you know who your target audience is, how to speak to them, what they need,’ she says. ‘It takes a while for all them to all click into place’. By moving away from wholesale in 2014, strengthening the online business, and introducing more everyday pieces, Missoma quietly shifted gear to the next level.

The influencer effect has also helped propel Missoma’s success. A collaboration with Lucy Williams has been a sell-out success, and they've just (today!) launched a new line of chain belts and eyewear chains that are set to be a huge sell-out.

Missoma sunglasses chain launch

Celebrities also love it; Kendall Jenner has been spotted wearing the Gold Ovate Hoops recently, Margot Robbie has worn the Mini Beaded Chain necklace, both Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber are fans. ‘I love seeing mothers and daughters wearing it, because I started it around my kitchen table with my mum, and I love the way it carries across generations.'

She adds: ‘The influencers who do wear it, same with any celebrities or even friends, it is because they choose to wear it,’ she says. ‘It’s always wonderful see anyone who has worn it wear it regularly’.

One of those is Meghan Markle, arguably arguably the biggest influencer in the world. A long-term Missoma devotee, she’s been seen in the Interstellar Ring and wrists full of the bracelets – but is a fan from back in her Suits days.

The Duchess of Sussex wearing Missoma's Interstellar ring
The Duchess of Sussex wearing Missoma's Interstellar ring ©Getty

Meghan's sister-in-law Kate Middleton is also a big fan, wearing several of the brand's designs, including the Gold Zenyu Chandelier Hoops on the royal tour to Pakistan.

Kate Middleton Pakistan Missoma
©Getty Images

A true homegrown success story, what does British fashion mean to Marisa? ‘For me it’s eclectic. Very individual and unique. It always surprises and that’s what I love. There are no rules’. There is a giveaway, however: she’s probably wearing Missoma.

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SHOP: The Must Have Pieces From Missoma

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