Michelle Obama Designed The ‘Vote’ Hoops That Hundreds Of Celebrities Are Currently Wearing

As part of Obama's When We All Vote organisation, she has teamed up with jewellery label Shiffon to create these earrings carrying an important message.

Michelle Obama vote earrings

by Natalie Hammond |
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As the presidential election reaches the final stretch, people are finding innovative - and, dare we say it, rather glamorous - ways to encourage others to exercise their right to vote on 3 November. Michelle Obama famously wore a necklace with letters that spelt out the call to action, ‘VOTE’, to speak at the Democratic National Convention.

Now she, along with her non-profit and non-partisan organisation When We All Vote, has partnered with Shiffon, a jewellery label whose profits go towards funding female-run companies, on a range of hoop earrings with the same simple message.

The collection, Hoops To Vote, takes its name from the metaphorical hoops that women have had, and continue to jump through to achieve basic rights, equal treatment before the law and, crucially, the right to vote.

(This year, incidentally, marks the centenary of when women finally got the vote in the US.)

Right up until the 15 November, 50% of profits from the hoops, as well as the brand’s signature Duet Pinky Ring, will be donated to WWAV, whose mission is to increase election participation and close the voter age gap.

Designed by Obama, and her stylist Meredith Koop, in partnership with Shiffon, they’ve already won a strong celebrity following, with Mandy Moore, Rachel Brosnahan and Hailey Bieber all encouraging their followings to vote with help from the earrings. ‘I’m voting in honor of all the women who came before me and future generations to come. These beautiful VOTE hoops by my friends at @shiffonco + @whenweallvote were created to celebrate and remember the many brave women who jumped through hoops for our right to vote. Each pair funds critical voter outreach during this critical election,’ wrote Brosnahan.

Amanda Gorman, the US’s Youth Poet Laureate, wrote: ‘When my grandmother was born, women of color still couldn’t vote. @shiffonco and @whenweallvote created these VOTE hoops to celebrate the brave women who jumped through hoops for our right to vote!’

With millions of followers between them, imagine how many they might have encouraged to vote in what many are calling, the most important election in the history of America. Those are some pretty powerful earrings.


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