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M&S Is Particularly Good At The Moment - These Are The 19 Pieces We’re Going To Wear From Work To Weekend

© M & S

M & S, Marks and Spencer’s, Marks & Sparks, whatever you call it, this British high street store is a treasure trove of gems - just ask our Duchesses. Both Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex have fallen for the shop's charms, which puts us in good company.

We say we’re visiting M&S for the food and M&S bank, but the reality is clearly apparent if you’ve been paying attention to our wardrobe. Hidden amongst our Percy Pig hoard is a haul of new M & S dresses, bags and shoes. It’s deeply satisfying to discover M&S’ affordable cashmere, bikinis and bras while hunting out the must-have items, like that star print dress or that unforgettable pink coat. But, what’s more, satisfying is proudly telling friends where you get it. They say ‘is that Ganni?’ or ’that must be ALEXA CHUNG’ while you smugly reply, ‘oh this old M & S thing, found it in the sale’.

Marks and Spencer Dresses, Shoes And Coats

Enough of the ode, what are we buying right now? Though summer is in full-swing before we know it the weather will transition into autumn and all our dangerously thin sundresses will go from ideal to idiotic. To get you in the mood for the season to come, M&S has a sample of transition pieces, including a v. attractive tartan trench coat and a pair of cord trousers that could pass for Chloe. On the topic of squint-and-it-could-be-designer, there’s a neutral-toned vest top with a bow front that could be Jacquemus and a white satchel that looks remarkably like a Wandler design. Take a look through the 19 best pieces at M & S right now.

Marks and Spencer Clothes