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If You Love Rihanna's Style You’ll Adore Marianna Senchina

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As a designer, there are only a handful of people who can in a split-second change the fortunes of your label: Meghan Markle is one, Kate Middleton is another and the third? Rihanna. When the latter wore a dress by Marianna Senchina for a Fenty Beauty launch last year the brand went from relatively unknown to splashing the front pages of every major newspaper and fashion website.

Relatively fresh from design school in Italy, the Ukrainian designer started her line just four years ago. Quickly it’s become known for two things: ruffles and bows. But, hold on a second, don’t make any rash judgements, it’s not just a puddle of girlish excess. Charming as it is, those frills and ribbons employ the themes of romance to create dramatic, flamboyant shapes in bold, sometimes challenging colour combinations.

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Look for a moment at the styling of the label’s forthcoming spring summer 19 collection. The models have striking 80s coiffeurs and in a power pose (unblinking gaze, head held high and legs shoulder-width apart). Nothing about this designers work is for the faint-hearted, especially not her polka dot dresses, twisted tops and crop tops. But, if it’s good enough for Rihanna be sure it’s good enough for us.