Marc Jacobs Adds Another Daisy To His Chain! Meet The New ‘Daisy Dream’ Fragrance

With breaking news reaching Grazia HQ that Marc Jacobs is set to launch a new Daisy fragrance in July, we look back at the best ever Daisy moments...


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It’s hard to believe that the original Daisy scent launched way back in 2007. In the 7 years since its launch, Marc Jacobs’ classic perfume has become a true iconic scent, so much so that even Justin Beiber used it as inspiration for his debut fragrance offering. Although many variations of Daisy have landed on our desks over the years, there really is no stopping Marc Jacobs’ daisy chain as breaking news reaching Grazia HQ informs us that Daisy Dream, the latest Daisy incarnation, is set to launch in July. Hurrah!

We’ve long been obsessed with the cult Daisy fragrances, notorious for their vibrant, fruit and zesty scents, so you can only imagine how excited we are to get our pretty paws on the latest arrival. Although few details have been released about the new fragrance, us beauty girls are already daydreaming about what’s in store. Like all of MJ’s previous offerings, the floral-encrusted lid still plays a big part in the design of the latest bottle, with Daisy Dream showcasing a whole host of daisies festooning the top of the sky-blue bottle. What's more, MJ muse Sofia Coppola will be on board once again in the Daisy chain to help produce the upcoming campaign.

New Perfume Fragrance: Marc Jacobs 'Daisy Dream'

The Daisy Family (Coty)

Although the new fragrance isn’t launching till July, we’ve gone and rounded up our favourite Daisy fragrances since the initial launch back in 2007. Read on to discover the history of Marc Jacobs Daisy…

1. Marc Jacobs Daisy, 2007

The original and the classic- with hints of barely there white flowers, zesty grapefruit and strawberry with a dash of sweet vanilla, this is where our love affair with MJ Daisy all began. A year later, an eau de parfum version was launched which put a whole new spin on the scent. Model Irina Kulikova stole the show as the initial face of the scent.** **

2. Marc Jacobs Daisy Bloom, 2009

Although now discontinued, we fell head over heels for MJ’s second offering. The formula stayed the same, although we truly coveted every inch of this limited edition bottle complete with lime green flower lid. Too cute!

3. Marc Jacobs Daisy Hot Pink, 2011

Us beauty girls wholeheartedly support a beauty splurge that incorporates a charitable donation, so we gave MJ the thumbs up when he released Daisy Hot Pink, which donated money to The National Breast Cancer Foundation with every purchase. The super-sleek black bottle was just fitting for the rich floral eau de parfum scent, too.

4. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh, 2011

A real Grazia fave- this updated version of the original Daisy fragrance had us at hello. A softer, more floral offering with notes of plum, wild rose and pear. Plus, with Hannah Holman as the face of the fragrance, what’s not to love?

5. Marc Jacobs Oh Lola, 2011

Like a breezy summer garden, this sheer fruity floral had us swooning back in the summer of 2011. With hints of raspberry, peony and magnolia, this really was summer in a bottle, and we still love the campaign images with blonde beauty Dakota Fanning.

6. February 2014- The Daisy Pop Up Shop Launches

To mark the start of New York Fashion Week, Marc Jacobs launched a pop-up beauty boutique with one heck of a difference, dedicated to its forever-faithful fragrance fanatics. The only way to pay for your beauty goodies was via Instagram or Twitter. To tie in with the new pop up store, two new fragrances were launched- Daisy Delight Edition and Daisy Eau So Fresh Edition.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream will launch in July- stay tuned!

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