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This High Street Shoe Is The Sandal Of The Summer

© annaaborissova/Instagram

Race you to Mango!

Ironically, it’s a visit from April’s famous showers that has us thinking about summer. Our logic is simple: The worse the weather, the more we crave being enveloped by heat. Today may be curtained in grey cloud, but our Instagram feed is telling a different story, one where insouciant influencers shrug off their coats, roll up their sleeves and wear Mango sandals. By following their well-trodden footsteps hopefully, we can manifest the change we want to see (i.e. the weather).

True they are not the most appropriate footwear for right now, but when the good times come these delicate thonged sandals will be the answer to your work-to-weekend dressing dramas. With a square toe and a low cigarette heel, these strappy sandals embrace one of this season’s micro-trends: the toe thong. In a world where ugly footwear (Crocs at Balenciaga and Uggs at Y/Projects) are ruling the runways, this is certainly the least egregious option. Plus they've already gained traction with some of our favourite street style stars like Anne-Laure Mais, Camille Charriere and Jeanette Madsen.

For £69.99 these shoes serve a dose of minimalism that recalls everything wonderful, awkward and interesting about '90s fashion. Call us nostalgic, but don't you think these look like something Lisa Bonet would have owned and Carrie Bradshaw would approve of. Not to forget, they are also sophisticated enough to carry off both a suit and a summer dress. We’re sold.