This New Capsule Collection Will Make Your Summer, Whatever The Weather

The sun isn't guaranteed, but excellent dresses should be

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by Hannah Banks-Walker |
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If the past week has taught us anything, it's that the weather is still unpredictable, veering between warming sunshine and breezy grey days. While we can all hope for more of the former during the summer months, it would be foolhardy to think that the latter can be totally ruled out, which is why your wardrobe needs to be prepared. But it also needs to bring you joy, which is where Maje's new collection delivers like a dream.

It's called In The Mood For Sun, which seems like a good start. And it's full of ethereal maxi dresses, pretty cotton separates and floral prints in soft fabrics. While they all look lovely, they are also a gift from heaven for anyone as averse to ironing as I am. In fact, the more crinkled they are, the better they look – excellent news if you're planning a holiday and need crinkle-free items for your suitcase.

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The Best Maje Dresses To Buy For Summer

Long Organza Shirt Dress, £3451 of 15

Long Organza Shirt Dress, £345

Midi Dress in Daisy Guipure, £3152 of 15

Midi Dress in Daisy Guipure, £315

Long Dress with Daisy Lace, £3153 of 15

Long Dress with Daisy Lace, £315

Printed Midi Dress, £3704 of 15

Printed Midi Dress, £370

Long Dress in Guipure, £3455 of 15

Long Dress in Guipure, £345

Dress in Geometric Guipure, £2696 of 15

Dress in Geometric Guipure, £269

Green Ruffle Midi Dress, £2697 of 15

Green Ruffle Midi Dress, £269

Striped Knit Skater Dress, £2698 of 15

Striped Knit Skater Dress, £269

Long Dress in Yellow Guipure, £3159 of 15

Long Dress in Yellow Guipure, £315

Shirt Dress with Smocks, £20910 of 15

Shirt Dress with Smocks, £209

Long Tie-Dye Dress in Satin, £29011 of 15

Long Tie-Dye Dress in Satin, £290

Off-Shoulder Dress in Floral Print, £42012 of 15

Off-Shoulder Dress in Floral Print, £420

Contrast Floral Print Midi, £29013 of 15

Contrast Floral Print Midi, £290

Sequin Embroidered Dress, £37014 of 15

Sequin Embroidered Dress, £370

Pleated Shirt Dress with Back Opening, £29015 of 15

Pleated Shirt Dress with Back Opening, £290

In fact, I would argue that Maje is one of the unsung sartorial heroes of the moment. If, like me, you're won over by pretty dresses that take all the hard work out of putting together an outfit, then you might agree. My first mention would have to be Maje's reinvention of the humble (and often a bit dowdy) shirt dress. Here, the shirt dress is anything but – instead it's realised in beautiful blue guipure lace, delicate organza in powdery pink or blue and styles with pleated skirts and a hint of cut-out detail at the back. There's also off-the-shoulder frocks destined for summer evenings, sunny yellow dresses ideal for weddings and printed minis embroidered with sequins.

So, while I can't promise you uninterrupted days of blazing sunshine, I can point you in Maje's direction, which may cheer you up at least. Even if it rains for the whole month of July (please God, no), at least you'll look good.


Buy The Best Pieces From Maje's Made-For-Holiday Crinkle-Free Collection

Floral Print Jumpsuit, £2391 of 5

Floral Print Jumpsuit, £239

Printed Ruffle Skirt, £1852 of 5

Printed Ruffle Skirt, £185

Floral Print Maxi Skirt, £1853 of 5

Floral Print Maxi Skirt, £185

Cotton Voile Shirt, £1594 of 5

Cotton Voile Shirt, £159

Floral Print Ruffle Dress, £1855 of 5

Floral Print Ruffle Dress, £185

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