Madonna ‘Felt Incarcerated’ While Married To Guy Ritchie

Madonna 'Felt Incarcerated' While Married To Guy Ritchie


by Grazia |

Maybe it's all the topless pictures, red carpet bum flashes and lyrics like ‘Jesus loves my pussy best’ – but Madonna isn't a woman we usually associate with compromise, repression or inhibition. So we were surprised to read a new interview where Madge has said that she felt 'incarcerated' during her marriage to Guy Ritchie, which ended in 2008 (shortly before she began dressing exclusively in leotards).

‘I think when you get married you have to be willing to make a lot of compromises and that’s fair enough. I think that’s the way it goes in relationships’, she said. ‘However, you know, I did find myself sometimes in a state of conflict. There were many times when I wanted to express myself as an artist in ways that I don’t think my ex-husband felt comfortable with.’

We’re just guessing, but we think she might be talking about her penchant for flashing her nipples at shows and singing about her sugar (which is ‘raw, sticky and sweet’, appazza).

‘There were times when I felt incarcerated’, continued Madonna in the chat with a UK newspaper. ‘I wasn’t really allowed to be myself. It doesn’t mean that marriage is a bad thing. But if you’re an artist you’ve got to find someone who accepts who you are and are comfortable with that.’

Madonna also has a bone to pick with Giorgio Armani, who designed the cape that was responsible for her infamous fall at last month’s BRITs, and later branded her ‘very difficult.’

‘I don’t know why he said that’, Madonna revealed. ‘I was surprised. I thought we had a good relationship. When I read it, I was like: ‘Oh really?’ He made me a lovely outfit. I was very appreciative of it. After the performance, he sent me flowers. He thanked me and said he hoped I was OK and applauded me for getting back up on the stage.’

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