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This Might Be The Most Body-Positive Love Island Spin-Off So Far

© JD Williams

One of Love Island's most significant shortfalls is diversity. It's no surprise. In fact, whenever we encounter anything remotely associated with the ITV phenomenon, we expect to see a certain type of person.

Over the years we've watched as similar looking young, slim contestants who all fit the physical confines of what society as long deemed 'beautiful', spend a couple of months lounging around a Majorcan villa in revealing swimwear and often fail to represent what the average woman looks like. But JD Williams have made an effort to shake that image up a bit.

The retailer has joined forces with three Love Island mums to promote their new 'Love Island' swimwear range. 51-year-old Sue Davies (mother to Amber of last years' Kem and Amber fame) and Sarah Allen (mum to Olivia Buckland from season 2), and 63-year-old Corletta Somerville (Marcel from Blazing Squad's mum) each model the brand's fun and colourful beachwear designs.

Yesterday evening JD Williams shared a picture of the three to Instagram and said: 'Make way for the Love Island mums! We would love to have islanders like this in Love Island 2019!'

'We took the mums of Olivia Buckland, Marcel Somerville and Amber Davies and styled them in their very own Love Island look. How amazing to they all look?!', they added with the hashtags 'style has no age'.

The range hopes to demonstrate that swimwear isn't limited to the petite body types promoted on the show. JD Williams spokesperson Suzi Brown told Mail Online: 'As a brand we strive to offer women of varying ages, shapes and sizes great fashion choices.

'Love Island has had us all glued to our screens however the contestants selected do very little for representing a diverse range of ages and sizes so we thought it would be great to see real women rocking their own Love Island look.'

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