Liz Loves… Charcoal Drinks, Braids And Mexican Food

Liz Loves... Charcoal Drinks, Braids And Mexican Food

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by Daniela Morosini |
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_Say hello to Liz Loves! Each and every week, our Health & Beauty Director, Liz Hambleton, will be revealing her beauty secrets and makeup must-haves direct from Grazia _HQ...__*

Mexico Cookbook

I'm in love with this cookbook for many reasons. Here's a few of them : 1) it's the worlds most beautiful cookbook and fits perfectly with my Mexican country cottage interior vibe. 2) it reminds me of many a Grazia beauty summer shoot trip to Mexico including our 2014 trip with the gorgeous Lindsay Ellingson. 3) it's packed with delicious (and easy) recipes that I can actually afford to make. I'll be gifting this to all my friends this Christmas.


Male Fragrance Find: Eau Savage

If you're buying for a fragrance obsessed man and are a little stuck for inspiration then read this week's issue and make your life a little easier. If however you want to really impress then this giant 1 litre edition of the classic Dior aftershave Eau Savage, can do no wrong. If only female perfumes came in this size as well...


Yoga pose of the week: Dhanurasana

One of my all time favourite yoga poses: this is something you need to build up to but once you've mastered it, it can have a profound impact on everything from your digestive system to lower back issuesto period pain . It's also a great pose to boost thenatural detox mechanics of the kidneys. Great to give yourself a boost at this time of year. You also get a lovely stretch across your chest and the front of your shoulders. I can't lift as high as Christy T but I still feel the benefits. Click here for a how to...


Double Plaits

I'm swapping my signature single plait for a forward thinking SS15 pigtail look. Half inspired by the trends and half by my gorgeous goddaughter Isabella Lilac (who wears pigtails better than anyone), the trick to making them work on grown ups is working a bit of rough texture into the roots and ends, not to mention wearing them low and loose.


Detox With A Difference

This week I said goodbye to my beloved green juices and went to the dark side. Botanic Lab's Isotonic 1 juice is shaping upto be one of the biggest cleanse trends for the coming year so I delved in to find out more. This scary-looking number is specially formulated to match the concentration of glucose, salt, water and minerals found in your blood. It's cane juice, lemon, yuzu, salt and activated charcoal blended together - it tastes sweet and goes down a treat.

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