Lindsay Lohan’s Arabic Is Coming Along Nicely

Lindsay Lohan's Arabic Is Coming Along Nicely


by Grazia |

Lindsay Lohan has turned her attentions away from acting to learning Arabic. Sadly, her attempts have gone down about as well as her last five films. Which is to say that they bombed. Hard.

On Monday, she tweeted the word habibi, the ubiquitous Arabic term of endearment. So far, so good.

Unfortunately, the tweet linked to her Instagram page, where an Arabic phrase set against a floral background was translated beneath as 'you're beautiful'. Sweet. Except the phrase didn't actually say 'you're beautiful'. As Instagram users were quick to point out, it said, 'You're a donkey.' That's not going to do much for her fans' self-esteem is it?

What can we learn from Lindsay's gaffe? Firstly, that we should probably steer clear of inspirational Insta posts. Even when they're not mistranslated, they're embarrassing. Secondly, that LiLo should never ever get a tattoo.

Lindsay has since deleted the post. Let's all just move on with our lives.

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