How Did The Internet React to Lenny Kravitz’s Wardrobe Malfunction?

The Best Reactions To Lenny Kravitz's Wardrobe Malfunction


by Sarah Fitzmaurice |
Published on

Last night Lenny Kravitz suffered a serious wardrobe malfunction on stage in Stockholm. His leather trousers ripped as he bent down while playing the guitar, resulting in him flashing his penis to the entire crowd - he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Of course Lenny is a professional so he simply carried on performing. What a legend.

The news quickly spread and the internet reacted in a brilliant fashion.

Here's what went down....

Some were outraged

Many posted their own version of events

Or captured the moment in photo form

There was considerable use of the aubergine emoticon

While some people got philosophical

Others looked on the bright side

And then Lenny proved he was totally cool about #Penisgate by posting a text he'd been sent from Steven Tyler

Well played Sir. We salute you.

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