We Bring You Kylie Jenner’s Best Beauty Looks

We Bring You Kylie Jenner's Best Beauty Looks


by Daniela Morosini |
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We've got something to tell you - we're meeting Kylie Jenner this weekend and we are so very excited. Kylie and her killer beauty looks, sassy Instagrams and general rule-breaking persona has been an inspiration to us on the beauty desk for quite some time, and we can barely contain our excitement about meeting her for a super-secret project. So, while we try and stay calm, why not have a look back over her best beauty hits? From red carpet wonders to low-key looks, she blends glamour with a punky edge.

Think a perfect smokey eye, but paired with exaggerated false lashes, piercings and dip-dyed hair. Her failsafe must-haves are her perfect pout, her larger-than-life eyes and edgy accessories. When we were 17, we still had braces and a half a mullet. How does she do it? Plus, her Instagram is a constant source of inspiration - even through a Valencia filter, Kylie still manages to look all kinds of subversive cool. She's come a long way from her more all-American style as a younger teen, as she now has a look that Rihanna would be envious of. Our favourite five of her looks are in the gallery below for your clicking pleasure...


Kylie Jenner Best Beauty Looks

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Vintage Kylie! Kylie's about 16 in this cute snap with super-long, super-black cascading curls. We'd guess this is the closest thing to her natural hair we've seen in a while.

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Rocking ombre strands and strong parting, this is a really fun, youthful look on teenage Kylie.

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Kylie really hit the headlines in 2014 and 2015 when she cut her hair. This chic bob is super flattering, and we love the glossy black colour.

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Kylie loves an out-of-this-world hair colour. Working a green dip-dye, Kylie looks edgy and fun.

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Contouring? Yep. Seriously lashed-out eyes? Check. Poker straight, raven-black locks? You bet. It's the Kardashian trifecta. Kylie, what conditioner do you use?!

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This is such a sweet snap - Kylie doesn't wear her hair curly so much these days, but we love this throwback pic.

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Playing around with a caramel-coloured ombre effect.

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This was the look that apparently upset Kim at her wedding - Kim wanted Kylie to have natural hair, apparently. Oh well, Kylie, we like your vibrant green ends.

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Kylie braved an even shorter style with this blunt, chin-skimming bob. We think it's super cute.

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Kylie's super groomed, so for her, this is undone. A little slept-in texture and beachy volume never went awry.

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We love Kylie's deep side parting and almost 50's inspired flicky 'do.

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Kylie turned up the volume on the this look with some bed-head texture and a matt finish.

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Pinky-perfect pout and glittering lids - just a casual daytime look for Ms Jenner.

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Relax - it's a wig. But we do love this seriously glam be-fringe'd look on Kylie.

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Vampy glam with a dark pout, swept-up blonde hair and fluttery lashes. This was a more subtle foray into blonde ambition for Kylie, and we think it suits her down to a tee.

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Giving us total mermaid hair envy with these cool green locks.

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Hello, blonde bombshell. Here's Kylie WORKING some screen siren locks. Kylie, this looks so good!

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Is it just us, or does Kylie look like Cleopatra here? Loving her strong, angled bob.

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A loose pony with some loose fly-aways perfectly offsets Kylie's super sexy dress.

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