Sheerly Not! Kris Jenner’s See Through Trousers Divide Opinion…

Sheerly Not! Kris Jenner's Trousers Divide Opinion


by Hannah Almassi |
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Keeping up with the Kardashians? It's sheerly, sorry nearly, impossible! Matriarch and momager Kris took a bold step towards her daughter Kim's favourite clothed-in-semi-nudity approach yesterday and according to everyone-who-has-ever-commented-on-anything-online-EVER her FROW look went down like a soggy sandwich.

In Paris during the Couture schedule one can be as adventurous as desired. Ballgowns and mad hats are nothing but the norm, but intricately cut-out harem pants? Maybe a saucy step too far on a midwinter's day… even if you have got a fabulous Perspex Chanel clutch box and long-line bouclé jacket protecting your modesty.

So the kooky kecks have caused all manner of uproarious chatter: had or has she lost her mind? Or just her tights? Is there an age limit for sheer trousers? Or have they just been styled badly? But most importantly can someone throw her a blanket? She must be bloody chilly.

Defying the cold weather and standard styling codes, Kris – to whom we actually say GO GIRL, you rock that monochrome cockatiel vibe - highlighted the tricksy situ that a pair of semi sheer trousers appear to always present. How much leg to show? How tight? Loose? Flared? Skinny? Balanced out with serious tailoring or a chunky knit? Or go all out on the flash-the-flesh-factor with extra skin on show?

The answer is an individual one – no one rule applies for all because not all would be so bold as to wear a pair of see through trousers in the first place.

Scroll through the gallery to see other previous attempts from the land of celebrity. And guess what? It includes another Kardashian….


Sheer Trousers

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Lindsay Lohan [Getty]

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Miley Cyrus [Rex]

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Shanina Shaik [Rex]

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Kristen Stewart [Rex]

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Kendall Jenner [Rex]

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Nicole Scherzinger [Rex]

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Isabeli Fontana [Rex]

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Kim Kardashian [Rex]

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