Kim Kardashian Loves Her Leotard Tops! Here’s 20 Buys To Get The Look: Shopping Fix

20 Buys To Get Kim Kardashian's Leotard Look

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Kim Kardashian Loves Her Leotard Tops! Here's 20 Buys To Get The Look: Shopping Fix

GALLERY >> How to get Kim Kardashian's leotard look1 of 21

GALLERY >> How to get Kim Kardashian's leotard look

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  1. Maison Martin Margiela
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  1. Motel Rocks
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  1. Motel Rocks
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  1. We Are Handsome
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  1. Asos
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  1. Asos
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  1. Asos
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  1. Asos
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  1. Kiki De Montparnasse
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  1. Topshop
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  1. Dolce & Gabbana
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  1. Dolce & Gabbana
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  1. American Apparel
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  1. Motel Rocks
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  1. Ekat
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  1. Miss Selfridge

Its the wedding we have all been waiting for and its set to happen this weekend. Kim Kardashian is set to marry rapper Kanye West, and the world's media is ready to get that all important first snap of Kim in her wedding dress. The Kardashian crew has hit Paris where the couple are set to wed, and has been spotted out and about heading to all the designer boutiques of Rue Saint Honore with her husband to be.

Since landing in Paris, Kim K has been showcasing a very curated wardrobe of scultping body suits to show off her hard earned curves from all the gruelling gym sessions she has been doing. Teaming them with everything from skinny jeans to her signature high waisted pencil skirts, she has left very little to the imagination.

Kim Kardashian Loves Her Leotard Tops! Here's 20 Buys To Get The Look: Shopping Fix

Kim Kardashian's pre-wedding style is all about the leotards [Getty]

It may appear a tricky trend to wear, but infact, there are several positives to wearing a body, especially when its with a fitted pair of trousers or high waisted skirt. You wont spend the whole time pulling down a top that keeps riding up and theyre great for accentuating a small waist.

The only downside is everytime (ahem) nature calls, they aren't always the most pratical, though some do come with poppers or hooks making them a doddle to remove. So why not click through our top 20 bodysuits available to buy now and jump on Kim K's latest style obsession - its set to go mainstream!

We'll be keeping you posted with every moment (and selfie) as they arrive so stay tuned to our #kimyewedding updates. And for the dramas you didn't see, pick up the new issue of Grazia, out on Tuesday.

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