2015 Grammys: Polly Vernon On The ‘Politits’ Of Red Carpet Cleavage

Polly Vernon On The 'Politits' Of Red Carpet Cleavage


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The looks are in - and so is cleavage, apparently. As the red carpet was rolled out last night for the 57th Grammy awards, everyone from Beyoncé to Kim Kardashian, and Madonna to Lady Gaga took a plunge in the neckline stakes. And, of course, opinion on their choice of outfits was split.

Everyone’s got something to say about when, where and with what intention women are allowed to get their breasts out, says *Grazia's *Polly Vernon, yet no one agrees with anyone else. It’s contradictory and complicated, so she's compiled a handy recap entitled The New Boob Politics, or Poli-Tits(™ PV) For Beginners:

** **1) It is OK to get ‘em out on Instagram if you’re Lena Dunham preparing for the Golden Globes. This is empowering, a statement against Hollywood’s objectification of women’s bodies. Also: funny!

** **2) It is not ok to get ‘em out on Page 3 if you’re a Page 3 girl. This is sexist.

** **3) It is OK to get ‘em out in Claridges if you have an infant attached to one (as Louise Burns did, in December 2014). If anyone tries to stop you, you may live Tweet your rage (as Louise Burns also did) and perhaps throw around phrases like: ‘Why? It’s the most natural act in the world!’

** **4) It is not OK to get ‘em out as you frolic in the surf on your hols if you’re Miley Cyrus, because everyone freaks out when Miley gets sexual.

Miley Cyrus arriving at the Grammys (WireImage)
Miley Cyrus arriving at the Grammys (WireImage)

** **5) It would however be OK for Miley to breastfeed in Claridges.

** **6) Just as long as she doesn’t do Page 3.

** **7) It would probably be OK for Lena Dunham to do Page 3.

** **8) But no one else.

** **8 1/2) Unless: Femen? The Free The Nipple campaigners (who address societal boob-exposure taboos)? Kim Kardashian (if tastefully lit and ironically shot by an upmarket fashion photographer)?

** **9) We do not yet know whether it’s OK for celebs to (partially) get ‘em out on the red carpet, as they have been doing of late. It could be objectifying / rude - but it could be fashion.

** **10) The expression ‘get ‘em out’ is all wrong.



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Beyonce at the Grammys 2015 [pic: Getty]

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