Kim Cattrall on a SATC reunion, staying in shape and being honoured in her hometown of Liverpool

Kim Cattrall On SATC: ‘I think It Would Be A Wonderful Reunion’


by Grazia |


She's one quarter of the Sex And The City fab foursome, is as impressive on stage as she is on screen, and is just about to turn her attention to going behind the camera producing a new series for TV. After Kim Cattrall jetted into the UK to be honoured in her hometown of Liverpool at the Collective Honours, Grazia chatted to the actress about style, staying in shape, and rumours about that SATC reunion...

Grazia: 'Hi Kim we've heard rumours of SATC 3 - is it happening?

Kim: 'I take these rumours as terrific compliments but I don’t believe they are more than wishful thinking. In all the cases in the previous of two films there was long periods of rumours and speculation and then they happened.'

Grazia: 'So you haven't had a call?'

Kim: 'Michael Patrick King who was the Executive producer and writer on the show, I noticed on Twitter that he said "never say never".'

Grazia: 'Would you like it to happen?

Kim: 'I think it would be a really wonderful reunion. All four of us are so busy and doing our own projects, having children and god knows what else but when we do get together it feels like no time has passed and we’ve always had that great chemistry.'

Grazia: 'Do you identify with Samantha?'

Kim: She’s such a wonderful positive force to be associated with force I can’t see a negative side. Some people mistake her appetite for mine. We are very different but I loved playing her - she's a character that spreads light and joy.'

Grazia: 'What was it like playing Samantha when she was so sexually open?'

Kim: 'It was frightening and liberating and a little bit scary. We were breaking down barriers and there were some things I never really knew if we would get away with, it they were too shocking or not. But that's the price you pay for being a pinoneer in that. And I might have played Samantha but it was a team effort - a lot of people behind the scenes.'

Grazia: 'Congratulations on your International Arts Icon Award at the Collective Awards is it special to be back in Liverpool to collect the award?'

Kim: 'It’s overwhelming – it’s humbling too. I feel to be recognised in the country and the city of my birth it means a tremendous amount to me and I feel very connected to Liverpoool I’ve always been very happy here.'

Grazia: 'It's a shame about the weather though...'

Kim: 'You know what I don't really look at the weather wherever I am. I find it revitalising coming back and it's always great to catch up with my relatives.'

Grazia: 'Have you picked out an outfit?'

Kim: 'Yes, I'll be wearing something very rock n roll. I always associate Liverpool with rock n roll and Elvis Costello is also being honoured so I told my stylist Pat Field that I wanted to celebrate that - so my outfit is fitting for the event.'

Grazia: 'How would you describe your style?'

Kim: 'I think my style has merged with the style with a character that I played for a long time when I'm at work, but away from work I'm much more low-key. I like sweaters and jeans, comfy clothes.

Grazia: 'Who are your favourite designers?'

Kim: 'I'm actually wearing a lot of vintage right now. Living in New York I don't have much space so I prefer to rent pieces and then give them back.'

Grazia: 'Will you be returning to the stage any time soon?'

Kim: 'I'm currently having lots of discussions and in lots of negotiations at the moment for things both in New York and in the West End. I'm really lucky to work with brilliant directors who call me and suggest great roles. I'm also producing a Television series it's an adaptation of a British series called Sensitive Skin. It's about a Woman who is going through a mid-life crisis it's filmed with a wonderful cast and will hopefully air next year.'

Grazia: 'You look incredible what's your secret? How do you stay in shape?'

Kim: 'I've been doing lots of physio yoga recently because I've had some injuries over the past 10 years. I just want to exercise a little and feel in shape. I also do lots of stretches. When I do cardio it's on an elliptical machine and I go light aerobics and light resistant work. I have a yoga teacher and I train three or four times a week and I also do some strength and cardio work. If I’ve been overindulging I try and cut our sugar and alcohol and eat less breads more proteins and more veg. I’m doing a more of a vegetable diet these days. I eat clearner and with less red meat. I'm also turning around my schedule so lunch is my main meal.'

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