In Praise Of Kendall Jenner’s Beauty Evolution

In Praise Of Kendall Jenner's Beauty Evolution


by Daniela Morosini |
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In Praise Of Kendall Jenner's Beauty Evolution

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With Kylie in 2007, looking cute and freckly.

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Poker straight in 2010

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In 2011 with bouncy waves

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Glowing skin and a sleek pony in 2012

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A chic updo and shiny red lip in 2013

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A loose side braid in 2012

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Glowing skin and a pretty pink lip in 2012

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Elegant evening looks in 2013

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On the Marc Jacobs runway in 2013

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Festive makeup in 2013

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A strong parting and a bold red lip in 2014

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Waves and a glossy lip in 2014

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Beach texture and a peachy glow in 2014

Whether you want to admit it or not, we all have a favourite Kardashian. Whether you're partial to Kim's Instagram antics, Khloe's dry wit, Kourtney's banter with Scott, or you can't enough of 'mom-ager' Kris, there's a Kardashian for every mood. However, against a backdrop of Kimye, Kendall's star has been rising, as she clocks up high-fashion campaign after campaign, becoming a model in her own right separate from the family ties.

This week we learnt she'd been announced as the face of Estee Lauder, - a serious coup for Kendall, as the brand's international presence and beauty authority are huge. The campaign will surely only make Kendall even MORE of a household name, as Estee Lauder announced that she'll be helping curate some of their social media content. She's already shared a cute video of her as a toddler, putting on makeup as her mum looks on, giggling. Talk about a family affair.

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Kendall's come a long way from her beginnings as a litt'un on Keeping Up With The Kardashians - she's grown up in the public eye and blossomed into a young woman of supermodel proportions. Her trademarks are different to her sisters'; unlike Kim, she's of a boyish figure and sans strong contouring, favouring a more natural look. And, she shies away from crazy hair colours, which her sister Kylie goes through like mad. Kendall's look is effortless and very all-American, all angular cheekbones and healthy-looking glossy hair. Click through the gallery to see her beauty evolution from freckly teen to Givenchy girl...

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