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Why Kate Moss And Naomi Campbell Just Made A Surprise Runway Appearance

Two days after her 44th birthday, Kate Moss made a surprise appearance on the Louis Vuitton’s runway. And, she wasn’t alone. Moss’ longterm work-wife Naomi Campbell strode alongside her as they closed the show.

While fashion may be moving into more gender-neutral territory - with Gucci, Burberry and Prada showcasing men’s and women’s collections within one show - this wasn’t the reason Moss and Campbell took the Louis Vuitton menswear runway today.

After six years helming the men’s side of the French luxury house the lauded designer Kim Jones is stepping down. It was he that ushered in a new era for the label with collaborations with Supreme and artists Jake and Dinos Chapmen. In the process, he moved the menswear arm of the LVMH brand into a more high-profile space and gained fans as diverse as Justin Bieber, David Beckham and Tyga.

With rumours swirling about where Jones will go next - many whispering Burberry - he has kept the conversation, for today at least, on his final show. Why? The casting of Campbell and Kate, of course.

The pair in question wore matching single-breasted monogrammed trench coats that were tightly belted at the waist and paired with heavy logo-printed biker boots. Moss wore her hair up in an abbreviated beehive while Campbell left her's slick, straight and loose. While both models walked the catwalk separately, they came together to close the show hand-in-hand with the man of the moment, Kim Jones.

This is by no means the first time the duo have stalked the same runway, but it’s definitely one for the history books. Especially, as this could be the cipher that Jones is moving from men's into women's wear. Only time will tell.