VIDEO: When Madonna And Justin Bieber Played ‘Never Have I Ever’

VIDEO: When Madonna And Justin Bieber Played 'Never Have I Ever'


by Sarah Fitzmaurice |
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It's no secret that serial cougar Madonna enjoys dating younger guys and it looks like 21-year-old Justin Bieber is next on her hit list.

During an appearance on The Ellen Show the 56-year-old flirted up a storm with the pop brat saying she has no age limit when it comes to dating, before the pair revealed their sex secrets during a game of Never Have I Ever.

Justin Bieber claimed to have never had phone sex - Madonna proudly admitted that she had.

They both revealed they have fooled around in a bathroom at a party and both have forgotten the name of someone they've hooked up with.

Justin also appeared to have a memory lapse - he said he's never been kicked out of a bar. (Clearly he's forgetting his trip to London in March 2013 - he was escorted out of Cirque Du Soir or the time he tried (and failed) to get into Sanky's nightclub in Manchester, lucky for you we're not so forgetful.)

Anywhoo you can watch the game here...

And here is the video of the moment Madonna says she has no age limits when it comes to dating and swoons all over a topless shot of Justin from his Calvin Klein ad. He's just three years older than her daughter Lourdes, just saying.

Madonna, whose face literally doesn't move a millimetre throughout the entire chat, also asks Justin why he's wearing a sheriff's outfit and he does an awkward impression of a law enforcement professional.

We're not sure either.

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