Chris Stark Spills On What It Was Like To Be Pranked By Jennifer Aniston

Chris Stark On What It Was Like To Be Pranked By Jennifer Aniston


by Emma Spedding |
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Jennifer Aniston gives the worst interview EVER

Yesterday Radio 1's Scott Mills entered the 'Horrible Bosses' hall of fame when he orchestrated for Jennifer Aniston to prank Chris Stark - the BBC interviewer of Mila Kunis fame. Scott Mills persuaded Jennifer to make Chris really squirm by giving the most awkward responses ever. They planned that as soon as Chris asked what it was like to "make the first move" as an A Lister, Jennifer would switch on the awkward. The whole thing ended with poor Chris left in tears. Trust us, you have to watch it.

We chatted to Chris to find out what was going through his head and how he'd like to get his own back...

Grazia Daily: What was the worst part of the interview for you?

"The worst part was just not understanding why she wouldn't answer my questions. I was really worried I had insulted her, and that is the last thing I wanted. When I first turned up and she recognised me I thought it was the best possible start, so for it to then get so awkward and her not answer my questions I thought I must be doing something REALLY wrong. She's such a good actress (I know that's a ridiculous thing to say), she could have just stormed out but then I would have thought something was going on, but she played it so well. I genuinely just wanted the ground to swallow me up."

Grazia Daily: What was going through your head during it? Did you have any idea?

"I had NO idea. I got there an hour early for the interview and everyone that went in before me was coming out saying what good form she was on, and that she was answering all their questions. She's so lovely, so all that was going through my head was that 'how is this going so wrong', and also I really didn't want her to hate me. When she started looking around the room I thought she was going to leave."

Grazia Daily: You got a hug from Jen - did that make it worth it?

"I think it does make everything nearly fine. She's such a legend, and such a good sport for going along with it. In fact thinking about it, it is ridiculous that Jennifer Aniston was involved in pranking me. I never would have thought that would happen."

Grazia Daily: If you could do a prank back to Jennifer what would you do?

"I don't think I have the power to prank someone like her. Also I feel like my revenge has to be with Scott. I'm going to wait however long it takes till the right moment presents itself though. I will do everything in my power to make it bigger and more horrible for Scott than this Aniston prank."

Grazia Daily: Do you think this tops the Mila interview?

"I think it's really different. The Mila interview went really really big, I still am not sure quite why. But although this prank is already doing really well, I'm sure it wont get as many millions as the Mila interview. But you never know, I never predicted that to would go so bonkers."

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