James Franco Directs And Stars In New Gucci ‘Techno Colour Sunglasses’ Short Film

James Franco Directs And Stars In New Gucci 'Techno Colour Sunglasses' Short Film


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Aviator shades, sharp jacket, groomed locks.. James Franco comes over all James Dean in his newest film for Gucci.

It shows him wandering around LA's Chateau Marmont hotel with model Natalia Bonifacci. The duo play a game of seduction - posing by the pool, chasing each other through the gardens and just generally looking too hot to handle.

The film's part of a new campaign for the brand's 'Techno Colour Sunglasses' eyewear range. Both James and his model companion sport the reflective shades as they go about their business at the hotel - looking utterly sexy all the time.

Franco's shades are a blue colour and an Aviator style with a wire rim. He teams them with chic tailored suits and a '70s style matte jacket - totally retro leading man. Meanwhile, Natalia dons round orange-tinted sunnies, sporting them alongside a wardrobe of skimpy swimwear and an incredible floorlength black lace cover-up.


Franco doesn't just star in the clip though - the actor and writer directed the video too, obvs. It's not the first time the American actor's made a film with Gucci. Last summer he shot a 15-minute short called La Passione with the brand. A modern retelling of The Passion Of Joan Of Arc, it was shot in Brazil as Gucci opened a store in Rio.

'Videos that deal with fashion are great because you get to use all the toys you normally use when working on a film,' he wrote for Vice at the time. 'Including all the best clothes and working with beautiful performers, but you don’t have to worry about narrative in the same way.'

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