Instagram Pics Of The Day: Cara Delevingne Goes Topless To #FreeTheNipple

Instagram Pics Of The Day: Cara Delevingne Goes Topless To #FreeTheNipple


by Anna Dewhurst |

Instagram Pics Of The Day: Cara Delevingne Goes Topless To #FreeTheNipple

Free Nipple
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@CaraDelevingne: @freethenipplelives #freethenipple

Free Nipple 2
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@SukiWaterhouse: Free the nipple.

Free Nipple 3
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@GlenLuchford: #Stephanieseymour regram @panosyiapanis

Free Nipple 4
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@JenniferLopez: Me and my girl @flotus at #LULAC National convention for the empowerment of Latinos. #represent #keynotespeaker #introingthekeynotespeaker #dreambig

Free Nipple 5
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@Armani: From every single one of your 9,500 employees all over the world, Happy 80th Birthday to Employee Nr.001!

Free Nipple 6
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@PhoebeColeman: @chungalexa looking beautiful in the @nailsinc campaign wearing the Solid Heart brushed gold ring from #phoebecoleman #showmehowyouwearit WOW!

Free Nipple 7
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Free Nipple 8
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@KimKardashian: Love this gorgeous @RobertoCavalli blanket!!! Thank you so much!!! Off to bed now, sweet dreams!

Free Nipple 9
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@BeyonceKnowles: Thank you for a great show Toronto !

Free Nipple 10
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@LenaDunham: Celebrating my favorite team: the Teamsters

Free Nipple 11
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@CaraDelevingne: New @chanelofficial campaign! Thank you @karllagerfeld

Free Nipple 12
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Free Nipple 13
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@JaredLeto: Bwwwwaaaahaaaahaaaaaaaaaa! #huggyJ

Free Nipple 14
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@MileyCyrus: Finallllly done geeeeeez

Free Nipple 15
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@CalvinHarris: Will Smith in the club rn #Ibiza #2on

Free Nipple 16
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Free Nipple 17
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@MaryCharteris: @josephinedelabaume @mileskane @robinscottlawson

Free Nipple 18
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@JosephineDeLaBaume: "Where do we go now, where do we go"

Free Nipple 19
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@EllieGoulding: And breathe.

Free Nipple 20
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@AlexaChung: Missing @balletbeautiful

Free Nipple 21
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@LenaDunham: This is Brian, the man who gets me safely to work every day and my BFF 4 lyfe

Free Nipple 22
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@FearneCotton: Indoor camping. Rex Glamping.

Yikes! If ever there was a #NippleFriday, then it would definitely be today. Firstly, Cara Delevingne took to Instagram to share a topless pic of herself, with a black cross over the 'offending' area, whilst her male mate next to her is free to share his nipple for the world to see. #FreeTheNipple indeed. This comes after Cara treated us to a naked shot with strategically placed torches and 'no entry sign' from her Bali trip. Check this out below...

Cara Delevingne/Instagram

Then, as if this wasn't enough, Cara's BFF, Suki Waterhouse scared us witless with a nipple bikini (praying those don’t take off) and then super-photographer, Glen Luchford, threw back to a (half) topless Stephanie Seymour with nipple shield. Would love to know what on earth those Brant brothers make of their half naked (smoking) mother on Instagram.

Moving away from all those nipples, Jennifer Lopez hung out with her 'girl', Michelle Obama, at the National convention for the Empowerment of Latinos, and Alexa Chung revealed that she is missing Ballet Beautiful, her regular NYC ballet workout. And finally, happy birthday to Giorgio Armani who turned a very respectable 80 years old, today. The fashion house took to Instagram today, to share their boss' 001 ID card. We somehow can't imagine Mr Armani sporting a lanyard.

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