These Are The Under-The-Radar Jewellery Brands We Love On Instagram, Starting From £30

The insider brands to name-drop now.


by Sophie Henderson |

Instagram has made discovering new brands as easy as making a cup of tea. Fashion editors use social media to scout for smaller labels to share with their readers and, admittedly, adorn themselves (even better than having the latest 'it' item, is having something utterly fabulous that nobody else does - yet).

When it comes to jewellery, Instagram has become a treasure trove of under-the-radar names offering everything from chunky gold chains to friendship bracelets and pearl earrings. The swoon appeal is as big as the thrill of discovering something new.

Many of these small jewellery brands have humble beginnings; they're independently backed or even started life is a designer's spare bedroom or kitchen table. When we're all looking to shop more consciously, it feels good to be supporting small labels whilst also purchasing something lovely.

So what are the brands to look for? Gimaguas, a Spanish label, is your go-to for beach combed bead necklaces or gold charm bracelets and palm tree emblems. British designer Roxanne First meanwhile has become a certified fashion editor favourite. Her cool-girl collection of diamonds and precious crystals, are the modern jewellery lovers dream. Look to her recently launched Ear Code for a lesson in layering up your ear stack!

Miami based NST Studio’s earrings are all one-of-a-kind. Their ornate beads and ombre stacks are guaranteed to spark joy (much needed, you're sure to agree). Likewise, NY name Brinker and Eliza is a mother and daughter duo designing gorgeous jewellery like nostalgic heart drop earrings, charm bracelets and pearl pieces that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face (Leandra 'Man Repeller' Medine is a fan).

Then there's EERA is the perfect brand if you’re looking to invest in something with wow appeal. Their snap hooks in neon hues and diamond pave are all kinds of special. Consider them your zero-effort way to make an impact, these shoulder-grazers can even transform a plain white tee into something major.

Feeling more romantic? Soru is the Sicilian brand perfect If you’re looking for stand out pieces. With a roster of fans from Kate Middleton to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, you’d be in good company.

And the good news is, you don't have to blow the budget. If you’re seeking something affordable, Orelia is the label insiders love for stacking necklaces, earrings and jewellery.

Scroll through below for more great labels, double tap, add to basket - you know what to do.


SHOP! Under The Radar Jewellery Brands

Soru, Atlas Earrings, £180
1 of 17

Orelia, Mini Huggie Hoops, £30
2 of 17

Cled, Waterfall Earrings, £151.
3 of 17

Hermina Athens, Full Moon Necklace, u20ac189
4 of 17

NST Studio, Double Pearl Earring, $90
5 of 17

PD PAOLA, Hoop Earrings, £52
6 of 17

Paloma Love, Vessel Earrings, £280
7 of 17

Gimaguas, Double Hoop Earrings, u20ac32
8 of 17

Eera, 18K White Gold, Silver And Diamond Single Earring, £2698
9 of 17

Roxanne First, CIAO necklace, from £295
10 of 17

Maria Black, Twirl Earring, £71
11 of 17

Deborah Blyth, Oceanus Cuff, £450
12 of 17

Brinker & Eliza, Pandora Necklace,  $248
13 of 17

Bea Bongiasca , Vine Ring, £395
14 of 17

Shyla Jewellery, Etienne Earrings, £55
15 of 17

Ninon, Daphne Hoops, £101.50
16 of 17

Doda The Store, Waiata Ring, £110
17 of 17

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