Not Just Food, But CHANEL Food! Go Inside Karl Lagerfeld’s Supermarket At Chanel

Head To Aisle No.5! Karl Creates A Supermarket At Chanel


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Chanel Autumn Winter 2014

Inside the Chanel Autumn Winter 2014 show1 of 22

Inside the Chanel Autumn Winter 2014 show

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It's that time of year again folks - the jewel in the fashion week schedule - Chanel! The fash pack have descended on the Grand Palais to see the latest offering from Mr Lagerfeld. It's never just a simple runway over at Chanel and this year they have created a ... drumroll please... Chanel supermarket. Well they are the big cheese of Paris. The good news is Team Grazia is there, with fully charged iPhones, Instagramming everything we see.


Karl Lagerfeld might famously survive on Diet Coke, but the Chanel superstore is fully stocked with not just food, but Chanel food. We're talking Jambon Cambon, eau de Chanel, haute Ketchup and Chanel bon bons. Karl has even made his own Chanel stamped EGGS. Seriously, how will we ever shop in Sainsbury's again? Even the most seasoned FROW-ers couldn't help but squeal at the Chanel treats, attempting to sneak the goodies in their 2.55s. Who knew ham would be such a must-have item?


In other news, Kendall Jenner made her Chanel debut walking in the show with tweed dreadlocks. But as expected Cara Delevingne was the star of the show, walking down the catwalk arm in arm with Uncle Karl. These two are super close, as last season Cara told us backstage at Chanel: '[He is] my fashion dad. He's so lovely and he's such an interesting man. I could sit and talk to Karl for hours. He has so many amazing stories and he just knows so much.'

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On the front row we've spotted Michelle Rodriguez who is there to cheer on her girl Cara. Queen Delevingne has another high profile cheerleader in attendance, as Rihanna is there in pink tweed Chanel and matching trainers, while Chanel girl Keira Knightley is on the front row in chic monochrome. Expect your Instagram feed to be flooded with trolly dash snaps, as Rihanna and Cara Delevingne were racing through the aisles stocking up on Chanel treats.

Take a look through the gallery above to see all the live action from Chanel....

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