How To Layer Necklaces Like The Coolest Girls On Instagram

Master the art of jewellery stacking and learn how to create the perfect curated ear...

how to layer necklaces

by Hannah Banks-Walker |

Do you find yourself scrolling through endless photographs of the perfect curated ears, layered necklaces and stacked bracelets and feel totally baffled as to how these stylish people make it look so easy? You're not alone. 'How to layer necklaces' has over 14 million search results on Google, suggesting that it's not as easy as those Insta girls make it look. This is why THOMAS SABO's new collection is nothing short of genius – it'll help you be a pro jewellery stacker before you know it.

The Charming collection, as it's called, is designed to help you wear multiple pieces at once without looking like you've just fallen into your jewellery box – and it's full of brilliant, playful pieces to suit every mood and style. From pretty turquoise bracelets to fruity earrings and Golden Alphabet necklace – all crafted from 925 Sterling silver and 18-carat yellow gold plating – these jewels are all you need to perfect your own Insta feed...

How to layer your necklaces

Wear at least three necklaces at once. This will make it look purposeful and not like you've just fallen into your jewellery box. It also gives you more opportunity to create interesting looks or, if you choose the Alphabet necklaces, you can work in more initials – either from your own name or incorporate your loved ones, too, as a sweet tribute.

thomas sabo necklace layering

Mix the length of your necklaces. This will give you a more polished look and will avoid your jewellery becoming endlessly tangled.

Don't be afraid to mix metals or colours. The beauty of the Charming collection is that it's so eclectic, so you can use your jewellery to really show off your personal style.

How to create the perfect curated ear

First of all, you'll need to assess the shape of your ear. If you have small lobes, you might want to opt for smaller styles, like the Fruit studs – particular if you're wearing multiple earrings at once. Or, maybe you want to stick to more classic styles like the Turquoise drop earring or some hoops. Either way, just make sure whatever you choose feels comfortable.

thomas sabo ear candy

Choose a theme or style. Perhaps you want to keep it consistent and adorn your ears with all of the fruity styles you can fit. Or, maybe you want to mix it up and wear various different styles at once to create the ideal ear candy.

Stack your rings and bracelets

thomas sabo ring stack

This is the easy bit – there aren't really any rules here, other than to have fun with your jewellery and express your personality. From the multicoloured pieces to more classic silver and turquoise jewels, you can find so many choices in the Charming offering that will give you endless options of how to wear them, either as stacked rings or an arm load of bracelets.


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Fruit Charm Bracelet, £xx
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Silver Turquoise Bracelet, £xx
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Pineapple Ring, £xx
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Turquoise Drop Earring, £xx
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Single Stud Earring, £xx
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Turquoise Necklace, £139
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Single Stud Earring, £xx
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Turquoise Ring, £xx
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Fruit Charm Double Strand Necklace, £179
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Multi-Stone Ring, £xx
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Sterling Silver Alphabet Necklace, £59
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Charming Zirconia Hoop, £69
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