Having A Bad Hair Day In Lockdown? This Easy, Quick Styling Trick Will Solve All Your Problems

Whether you're worried about your roots, split ends or just a whole lot of grease, the answer lies in a bandana (yes, they're back)...

how to cover roots with silk scarf

by Natalie Hammond |

With salons still shuttered - and the at-home dye job considered too risky a business - raise your hand if you’re freaking out about your roots/spending hours trying to arrange your hair this way and that every morning/refusing point-blank to do video calls? We hear you, but there is a solution. And it doesn’t involve clippers - gulp! - or wearing a bucket hat 24/7.

Your hair saviour = a silk scarf. It’s all about strategic tying and, thanks to Instagram, there are several ways to attempt it.

1. The Under Chin Knot

The vibe you’re channeling here is off-duty member of the royal family. On a horse ride. On a country estate. Got it? All you have to do is a) fold a square silk scarf on the diagonal so you’re left with a triangle, b) place the middle of the triangle’s base in the centre of your forehead so the point flops over the back of your head (showing as much hairline as your roots will allow) and c) tie the ends in a bow underneath your chin. Chic, no?

2. The Back-Of-The-Neck Tie

This is similar to the under chin knot you’ve just mastered, with the slight complication of tying the ends at the nape of your neck. Start by a) tying your hair in a bun/ponytail to get it out of the way, b) fold your silk scarf into a triangle, c) place the middle of the triangle’s base in the centre of your forehead, d) take the ends past your ears and tie tightly at the nape of your neck and e) take out your ponytail. P.S. If your silk scarf is slipping around, secure with some sparkly hair slides.

3. The Split Ends Cover-Up

This picture of @jen_wonders got us thinking. If it’s your split ends that are giving you grief, why not thread a bandana through twin plaits? Simply tie a scarf at the top of each and incorporate into the plaiting, leaving the ends trailing prettily. Trust us - it’ll cover a multitude of split end sins.

4 And Finally...

Why stop there? @slipintostyle has created an ingenious video to teach her followers how to make three different tops using, you guessed it, a silk scarf. Happy tying!

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