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25 Must-Haves In Your Holiday Wardrobe


Have you noticed it's getting warmer? Not the odd day here and there but consistently hotter. I'm calling it: it's officially summer. With June's arrival, summer holidays are just around the corner.

Putting together a micro-edit of your wardrobe for your next vacation can be a minefield. Packing lists sound tiresome and whittling down your day-to-day essentials can be laborious so save yourself the trouble and throw caution to the wind and invest in a handful of items that will let you relax in the sunshine (in style) without an ounce of stress.

Sure, we'll likely be hit by a few more blustering rainy days but it's time to transition into a roster of sunshine-ready pieces that can be mixed and matched until autumn comes calling. Say hello to sunshine yellow that makes lemonade out of up mustard shades and introduce tailored denim to bold blues and clean whites to sharpen up your more bohemian pieces. And, while you're at it liven up your weekday mornings with a kick of candyfloss pink or a playful accessory - look to Poppy Lissiman and Susan Alexandra for droves of choices.