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36 Pieces Under £200 You Won’t Believe Are From The High Street

© Finery

Send help: I have found 36 things I want to buy. No, seriously. Usually, when scouring the high street it’s a bit like finding the cookie dough chunks in a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream – worth the hunt but those nuggets of treasures are few and far between. However, my search has come up 100 per cent cookie dough and zero per cent filler vanilla.

Though magazines (guilty as charged) like to taunt you with beautiful designer pieces, the reality is that you don’t need to drop a serious amount of cash to buy trend-savvy items that are well-made. Whether it’s a mid-month purchase or a payday treat, these 36 designs don’t require as much mental justification and cost-per-wear arithmetic than, say, a Gucci party dress. These are pieces that can slip into your wardrobe without hesitation, that will elevate and celebrate your favourite items.

For a summer wedding, Ghost has silky slip dresses in vivid shades that veer between Courtney Love-coquettish and endearingly coy. Zara has the luxe slides that will make relevant again that several-seasons-old summer dress that’s a core tenant of your holiday wardrobe. And, Massimo Dutti has a lemon jumpsuit that hits the right wedding guest note (especially when teamed with edit58’s elliptical straw bag). Anyway, enough of my nattering, scroll down to see for yourself: