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How Harley Viera-Newton's Glamourous Life Inspired Her New Shoe Collaboration

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Hot on the heels (sorry) of her collaboration with Champion, model-DJ Harley Viera-Newton has designed a new shoe collection for Butterfly Twists.

When Viera-Newton isn't designing for her vintage-inspired dress label HVN she is sitting front row at fashion shows or spinning records at the world's coolest after parties. Ergo, this girl does a lot of travelling. It was while she was jet-setting that the US-based It girl was inspired to design this collection of ultra-feminine footwear.

'With my work, I have the luxury to travel and I get most of my inspiration when I am. I like to look at what people are wearing in the different cities that I visit,' she explains. For her, Tokyo has generated a lot of ideas (and fed her love of vintage t-shirts), it's also perceptible in this collection that takes the Kawaii concept and matures it into an appealing proposition.

Anyone familiar with her line of retro-twinged frocks, which are beloved by Selena Gomez, Alexa Chung and Emily Ratkowski, will immediately see that these playful ballet pumps are an extension of the collection. Designed in mesh and pastel shades, they compliment her tight edit of girlish slips and tea dresses. Her design vocabulary has always been aligned with kooky prints, like cherries and eccentric florals or wild leopard, so it's only natural that this new collaboration picks up where it leaves off with heart decor and gingham.

Put simply she said, 'I love flats’, adding, 'They are extremely comfortable and I know that is one of the most important things for so many women, comfort is key.'

Priced between £50 - £75, the collection will be available in April 2018 from Butterfly Twists and selected retailers.