There Are 72 Items On My H&M Wishlist - But I Promise I’ll Only Buy These 18

There Are 72 Items On My H&M Wishlist - But I Promise I’ll Only Buy These 18

    By Lucy Morris Posted on 20 Aug 2018

    Thanks to an embarrassing amount of procrastination (and 4G data), I now know what I would spend my full month’s salary and half of next’s on. And, it’s all from H&M.

    Since the retailer announced Izzy Bizu as the new face of their Divided Music campaign, I’ve not just had her songs stuck in my head but the image of Bizu’s floral dress and tartan trousers cemented to memory too. After several days scrolling and steadily stocking my wishlist, I’m now well-versed in the overarching H&M trends of the moment, of the Scandi label’s latest crop of arrivals and most niche items. I know full well I don’t need it all, but after many hours of whittling, I can’t click away from an edit of 18 items. There are shoes (a pair of leather sandals) that will take me from now until autumn, a dress that will work with a straw bag this August and a pair of heeled boots in December and a leather jacket I’ve been staring at since it came on site over a month ago. I know it’s still a long list, but once you see it, you’ll understand. I swear.

    Trigger warning: if you scroll any further you’ll want to find your credit card first.


    H&M, Leather Coat, £249.99

    1 of 18

    H&M, Leather Coat, £249.99

    2 of 18

    H&M, Blouse With Lace Embroidery, £24.99

    3 of 18

    H&M, Wide Corduroy Trousers, £29.99

    4 of 18

    H&M, Mules, £29.99

    5 of 18

    H&M, Hoop Earrings, £5.99

    6 of 18

    H&M, Patterned Jacket, £34.99

    7 of 18

    H&M, Jersey Cycling Shorts, £12.99

    8 of 18

    H&M, Leather Sandals, £34.99

    9 of 18

    H&M, Dress With A Collar, £49.99

    10 of 18

    H&M, Straw Bag, £34.99

    11 of 18

    H&M, Blouse With Buttons, £24.99

    12 of 18

    H&M, Flared Corduroy Trousers, £39.99

    13 of 18

    H&M, Ribbed Top. £29.99

    14 of 18

    H&M, Jersey Trousers, £12.99

    15 of 18

    H&M, Shoulder Bag, £6.99

    16 of 18

    H&M, Leaf-Shape Earrings, £8.99

    17 of 18

    H&M, Double-Breasted Coat, £79.99

    18 of 18

    H&M, Calf-Length Skirt, £14.99

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