The North Face X Gucci’s Surprise Collection Will Keep You Warm This Winter – And Prices Start From £145

Cuddle up.

Tamu McPherson wearing The North Face x Gucci

by Natalie Hammond |

When The North Face x Gucci announced its first collaboration last year in September, the internet went into something of a meltdown. Everyone wore it - Jennifer Lopez, Jodie Turner-Smith, Jared Leto - and everyone wanted to buy it (which is often the case with anything designed by creative director Alessandro Michele).

As you might expect from the two brands, the original ready-to-wear collection majored in practicality and playfulness, with sensible items like quilted jackets, hiking boots and backpacks getting Guccified - and celebrating the great outdoors.

If you missed out on round one, the second chapter of the collaboration has just been replenished online - and, inspired by 'a spirit of exploration', has a wintry feel that is perfect for this time of year. It's also the subject of an ingenious new video campaign starring TikTok's Francis Bourgeois, the trainspotter (yes, really) who recently found a fan in Joe Jonas.

The video - a collaborative effort between Gucci, The North Face and High Snobiety - puts Bourgeois, who wears a conductor's hat and uniform, in the driver's seat, while his passengers, en route to some scenic destination, are kitted out in puffer jackets, beanie hats and boots (all from The North Face x Gucci, naturally).

How do I buy The North Face x Gucci?


SHOP: The Second Chapter Of The North Face x Gucci

Backpack, £1,320
1 of 19

Baseball Hat, £365
2 of 19

Silk Shirt, £890
3 of 19

Slides, £610
4 of 19

Ankle Boots, £1,050
5 of 19

Track Bottoms, £850
6 of 19

Dress, £2,700
7 of 19

Ankle Boots, £1,050
8 of 19

Cardigan, £1,800
9 of 19

Slippers, £610
10 of 19

Padded Jacket, £1,800
11 of 19

Canvas Hat, £415
12 of 19

Belt Bag, £695
13 of 19

T-shirt, £400
14 of 19

Slides, £435
15 of 19

Track Bottoms, £850
16 of 19

Down Jacket, £2,000
17 of 19

Floral Down Jacket, £1,800
18 of 19

Padded Jacket, £2,100
19 of 19

How much is The North Face x Gucci?

The most expensive item in the collection is the padded coat at £2,100, but the accessories have more entry-level price tags. The logoed cotton socks are £145, the wool hat is £275 and the baseball hat is £365 (not exactly a steal but guaranteed to become a collector's item as the hype continues to build).

The bottom line? When The North Face and Gucci collaborate, you know it's going to be something special.

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