Girls Is Back On Our Telly! But Is It Any Good?

Girls Is Back On Our Telly! But Is It Any Good?


by Grazia |

As Girls returns to our screens, Paul Flynn gives us his verdict...

The big news for Series 4 is that some of the monstrous layers of self-delusion that threatened to swallow our four protagonists last season are showing slow, sure signs of receding. However infuriating Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna and Jessa became in a weird turnaround season where everyone seemed to forget who they were, you still want to root for them.

A sweet scene between Jessa and the artist she begrudgingly agreed to euthanize, a major life decision from Hannah to move to the writer’s programme in Iowa and a gentle reconciliation between Shosh and Ray hint at calmer waters ahead. Leaving only Marnie to play the hideous beauty that’s coming straight for your boyfriend. Which, it has to be said, she does superbly.

Just to remind us why we fell in love with Girls in the first place, the new series opens with a dinner between Hannah and her folks, in which she shows some alarming signs of growing up. Don’t fret, it’s only for a minute.

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