Georgia May Jagger: ‘I’ve Been Making Country Music With Cara And Suki!’

Georgia May Jagger: ‘I’ve Been Making Country Music With Cara And Suki!’


by Grazia |

Proving that you don’t have to be a spring chicken to be on trend, Minnie Mouse (87) is having quite the fashion moment. Previously the inspiration behind collections by everyone from Marc Jacobs to Giles Deacon, she’ll be the subject of a ‘Minnie Style’ exhibition at London Fashion Week in September, curated by Georgie May Jagger (Inspiration will be crowd-sourced via Instagram and Twitter, so share your interpretation of Minnie’s style using #MinnieStyleUK)

‘I’ve always loved Minnie’, says Georgia, 23, when we meet in an upmarket London hotel. ‘I even have a Minnie themed bathroom, red with white polka dots. I’m not kidding!’ Does she have any other unlikely style inspirations? ‘I like people that are fearless. RuPaul is a big icon of mine, I love his flamboyance, I have pictures of him everywhere. Dolly Parton too.’

Speaking of which, Georgia reveals that the Dolly Lama has inspired her to make music with best friends and fellow models Cara Delevigne and Suki Waterhouse. ‘We wrote a country song one night’, she says, ‘my boyfriend [Josh McLellan]produces music, so he helped make us a beat and we wrote the lyrics. It’s about girls on the road without men, listening to the radio, that kind of thing. We’ve done a couple of songs.’ Are we about to witness the advent of the world’s first supermodel superband ? ‘Maybe’, she laughs, ‘but we’d need another verse first. It only had one…’

When she’s not singing the praises of Minnie – or singing country with Cara and Suki – Georgia’s become one of the most in demand models of the moment. But her signature gap-toothed smile was almost eliminated, long before it began gracing billboards. ‘I went for an appointment about braces when I was fifteen, but a gap can be quite hard to correct, and I didn’t want to be wearing braces for 14 months at that age. People are always surprised that a model has weird teeth, but I don’t give them much thought.’ Is she glad she resisted the lure of a Hollywood smile? ‘Yes!’

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