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Give Your Birkenstocks A Break - Fashion Girls Are Back In Flip Flops This Summer

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Fashion is a fickle beast, as soon as you think you’ve cracked the code the powers that be find a way of steering into untouched waters. Take this summer’s burgeoning footwear trend for example. We’d finally got our brains around pool slides as an accompaniment to just about any warm-weather outfit (from swimwear to occasion wear) and now it’s been suddenly usurped by the flip-flop.

Until recently the humble thonged sandal was in hibernation after a busy period (circa 2003) when ‘boho’ meant tiered skirts and waistcoats. Now the latter is back (thank you Gareth Southgate) the floor whacking thud of flip-flops is back. Helmut Lang and The Row have souped up this summer shoe and turned it into a luxe item. But, if you’ve been paying attention to fashion girls - like Veronica Heilbrunner and Pernille Tiesbaek, for instance - dropping a wad isn’t strictly speaking necessary. At couture, those baring their toes took a fancy to the classic Haviana silhouette. However, if just the thought of breaking out the rubber slip-on again triggers blister recall, look to labels like Tkees and Gucci that have created iterations out of butter-soft leather so you can get the look without the ouch.

Not quite convinced? Think of all those maxi dresses from Ganni and Rixo we’ve spent the best part of a year stocking up on. Sure you can wear them with trainers or heels, but the introduction of this unexpected footwear will really put a spring in your step. Plus these take up barely any room in your suitcase, which means more shoes, less weight on your next holiday.