What’s Your Denim Decade? Find Your Fit With These Classic Styles

Lee Jeans is celebrating its expert fit legacy with a core collection of jeans that captures your favourite decade of denim

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Sometimes, when we look back at the things that we used to wear, we wonder how we ever thought they looked good (dresses over jeans? Massive waistbelts on any outfit? Leggings with kitten heels?). But one item of clothing that always looks good, no matter what era we’re looking back on, is a pair of jeans.

With its new collection, iconic denim brand Lee Jeans has designed a range of denim styles for every body and from our favourite decades. From the flares of the 70s to the drainpipes of the 80s and the slouch fit of the 90s, Lee Jeans has revisited these classic styles for the modern wardrobe.

And when the fit is this good, you know you’ll be able to look back on these jeans for years to come with nothing but pride. Check out our four top picks below.

Breese Lee Jeans


The 70s has been a massive influence on the runway for quite a few collections now and shows no signs of going away anytime soon. We’re happy keeping it that way and these Breese jeans show us just why we love this decade so much. A higher waist, a sleek cut through the thigh and a generous flare, all in a medium stretch denim, there’s just something supremely cool about this style.

Scarlett Lee Jeans

Scarlett High

Drainpipe jeans made their first appearance in the 80s, and then re-emerged in the 00s all thanks to Kate Moss, so with these Scarlett High jeans, you’re getting two decades in one. A high waist and a tight fit all through the leg from thigh to ankle and a high stretch denim that contours to your curves, it’s clear when this style is a supermodel favourite.

Stella Lee Jeans

Stella Tapered

After the tight fit of the 80s, 90s denim opted for a slouch cut, which we all fell in love with again in the last decade too. With these Stella Tapered jeans, you get an ultra-high waist, a wider thigh and a smooth tapering through the leg. The best part? This heavy denim is made using 100% organic cotton.

Carol Lee Jeans


In the 00s, we liked our jeans ripped. Give your new 20s jeans a 00s twist with these Carol jeans. You’re getting a high waist, a straight leg from thigh to ankle, cropped ankles and rips at the knee. Know what makes these jeans even better? They’re made in fairly heavy and rigid denim that’s made using recycled fabrics.

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