Finally! Period-Proof Pants That Are Accessible To All

Primark’s new range of period underwear means we all now have the option to reduce plastic waste from our periods


by Jenny Croall |
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The last few years have seen us all become more switched on about climate change and the need to do our bit by living more sustainably. You’ve probably ditched plastic carrier bags for cloth ones, have a keep cup for your flat whites and religiously recycle. But have you considered making your periods more sustainable?

In the UK, most period products contain up to 90% plastic, which takes upwards of 500 years to break down, contributing to 200,000 tonnes of landfill waste every year. Not only that, but more than 1.5 billion sanitary products are wrongly flushed down UK toilets each year, contributing to the plastic pollution of our oceans.

Yet options for having more eco-friendly periods have so far been limited, since if you don’t fancy using menstrual cups, the alternatives, such as organic tampons and period-proof pants, are so expensive.


Until now, that is.

Enter Primark. It’s become the first high-street retailer to make period underwear accessible to all, with its innovative range from just £6 a pair, or three for £16.

Designed to be as comfortable and effective as they are affordable, the 17-piece collection has been rigorously tested to ensure high absorption, the reduction of odours and ease of washing and reuse. The pants come in three shapes and colourways – mini, midi and hipster; black, mocha and pink – and light-to-medium and medium-to-heavy flow, holding the equivalent of up to four tampons. They’re easy to look after too; simply rinse in cold water after use (don’t soak them), then wash at 30°C. Looked after like this, they should last as long as your regular underwear.


So, thanks to Primark’s inclusive new period underwear, everyone now has the chance to do their bit to minimise the waste from their time of the month and help slow climate change, one period at a time.

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