5 Ways To Tell You’re A Festival Cliché

5 Ways To Tell You're A Festival Cliché


by Katherine Ormerod |
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5 Ways to Tell If You Are A Festival Cliché


As Coachella – the most important festival for setting the trends – closes its doors on another year of music, fashion and fun in the desert, the time is ripe to asses the most important question of all: how do you dress appropriately for a festival without looking like a sartorial punch-line?

From head-to-toe Native American inspired ensembles to Princess Jasmine-esque costumes, Coachella saw all sorts of crimes against festival fashion. Below we pick out our top festi-fashion sins in a bid to save the rest of your season from the ignominy of the Coachella cliché….

  1. You're all about the bindis and festival make-up

Instagram: Left @vanessahudgens, Right @kendalljenner

While we fully agree with making a concession or two with your festival beauty regime, loading up facial jewellery from nose/lip rings with gothic lips and glitter eye make up is certainly not acceptable. Repeat this mantra: festivals are not Halloween. Leave the West End makeup at home, ladies.

  1. You can't resist a maxi

Left: Alessandra Ambrosio, Right: Paris Hilton

There's no doubt about it, maxi skirts are catnip to a Coachella-ite. But they should be approached with peril lest you accidently end up channeling boho-mania circa 2006. Alessandra Ambrosio, a Coachella serial offender shows just why this look is so bad – straight out of a Gap Yaah nightmare, her oversized paisley maxi skirts looks like a curtain… and when you remember the temperature topped 36 degrees, we hate to think of the sweat implications. Hippy (not) chic.

  1. You dress like a performer

Left: Kylie Jenner Works Shoulder Feathers, Right: Emmy Rossum Stealks Lana del Rey's Style

It’s easy to look at the girls and guys on stage and think you too could get a slice of rock ‘n’ roll style simply by imitating their style. From Lana del Rey’s floral crowns to Brandon Flowers’ feather epaulettes, performer's signatures are often stolen by audience members. However, dramatic stage wear does not necessarily translate to a chic crowd look and will sadly, often scream try-hard. Take Kylie Jenner’s shoulder feathers for example. Not a good look.

  1. You take it a fringe too far

Left: Vanessa Hudgens' Fringe Heavy Look is OTT, Right: Bella Thorne Strikes a Simpler Fringe Note

As well as being a festival classic, fringe detailing has been a major trend across the Spring/Summer 2014 catwalks. However, this does not mean you have to ensure every item of clothing you wear comes complete with tassels. Basically if you look like an extra from Disney’s Pocahontas its time to shed some fringing.

  1. You ditch your signature style

Left: Solange Knowles; Right: Kate Bosworth Both Women Rock Their Own Personal Look

Just because you're at a festival doesn’t mean your everyday wardrobe needs to be ignored. If your look is normally more Scandi minimalist, don’t feel pressured into stacking on the jangle jangle jewels. Instead make like Kate Bosworth and Solange and adapt your personal style for the heat. Simple but effective.

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