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by Lily Russo |

Fashion Revolution Top 20 Ethical Buys

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The Reformation, approx, £110 from their Low Carb collection

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H&M Conscious Collection, £29.99, Made with sustainable Lyocell

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Stella McCartney, £365 at

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Bliss & Chief, £305 at

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& Yosuzi, £160

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Mochila Bag, £345,

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Muzungu Sisters, £230 at

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H&M Conscious Exclusive, £149.99

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Sonya Kashmiri, £275

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Mudlease Jeans, approx, £50

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Monique Pean, available to order

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Asos Africa, £45

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Beaumont Organic at Gather & See, £110

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Voz, approx£260

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Maiyet, £1150

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Evalane, approx, £95

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Reve En Vert, £199 Sustainable playsuit

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Marks & Spencer Best Of British, £59, Made in England

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Stella McCartney cork bag, £780

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Finlay & Co wooden sunglasses, £160

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In support of Fashion Revolution Day, a global coalition of designers, academics, writers, business leaders and parliamentarians calling for systemic reform of the fashion supply chain today, we have dedicated our top 20 buys to Ethical, Fairtrade, Eco and Conscious designers.

Fashion Revolution was created in light of the Rana Plaza disaster from April 2013 where 1133 people died and a further 2500 were injured in Dhaka, Bangladesh whilst working for familiar fashion brands in one of the many accidents that occur within the clothing industry worldwide. The aim is to inspire a permanent change in the fashion industry and reconnect the broken links in the supply chains between suppliers and brands.

Today has selected their top 20 buys from fashionable brands who offer an element of sustainability whether working with indigenous Venezuelan tribes like Yosuzi to produce luxury panama hats that preserve traditional techniques and provide an income and training to locals or ecommerce sites such as Everlane who provide information on where each garment sold is made, with details of the factory owner, their location, how many employees they have and with imagery too. Even the British High Street is working to produce as much as possible in the UK with Marks & Spencer and Topshop producing special collections in UK factories. H&M has now made their Conscious Exclusive collection a regular fixture each season where by their produce a capsule wardrobe made of natural fabrics and recycled plastic for details such as sequins, without compromising style.

When we buy a piece of clothing or accessory it is difficult to be aware of the processes and impacts involved in the creation of a garment but Fashion Revolution aims to create more transparency between brands and the consumer.

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