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EXCLUSIVE: Meet The Student Designer Behind Lady Gaga's Glittertastic Suit

EXCLUSIVE: Meet The Student Designer Behind Lady Gaga\\\'s Glittertastic Suit

Most students spend their free time slurping on Super Noodles and watching Loose Women.


Lady Glitter: The Singer Wore An Ensemble From Christian Cowan-Sanluis's Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection This Week (Getty)

Most students spend their free time slurping on Super Noodles and watching Loose Women. This is not the case for Christian Cowan-Sanluis, who instead of hitting the SU has been designing clobber for Lady Gaga. When the pop powerhouse exited a radio studio in New York this week in a casual pink glitter suit and matching hat, the first year student at London College of Fashion achieved something some established designers only dream of: a major celebrity donning their designs. After all this is not just any famous figure, it’s the Queen of style statements for crying out loud, THE Lady G. We touched base with the young and up-and-coming designer, who fuels his design process on a feast of fast food and dons little more than a pair of boxer shorts to get him in the zone, to find out what it was like to dress Lady Gaga and who he wants to dress next…

Grazia Daily: How did dressing Lady Gaga come about?

Christian: It was really quick actually; I released the collection and had my first presentation. Not long after Lady Gaga’s stylist, Brandon Maxwell, requested nearly the entire collection, so it was all flown off! I look forward to working more with her team.

Grazia Daily: Can you describe the moment when you first saw the images of Lady Gaga in the outfit?

Christian: I was just at home with a friend and a friend of mine sent me a picture saying congrats. It’s safe to say I got pretty excited ha! Before I had got an emailing saying that Lady Gaga liked the pink glitter suit but I wasn't sure, so it was a complete surprise!

Grazia Daily: The look is taken from your autumn/winter collection, what were the inspirations behind the collection?

Christian: I always like to play with fun materials and essentially the inspiration was just fabulous women! I just imagined some kind of fabulous girl band, you will see this is my AW14 campaign video which will be released soon, it’s really funny. Plus I’ve always been a big Gaga fan so I listened to her Art Pop album a lot when designing the collection, as it had just come out, and there were a lot of nights in!


The Glitter Garb Is Only One Of The Stand Out Outfits From Christian's Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection (CCS)

Grazia Daily: Which celebrity would you like to see wearing your clothes next?

Christian: In terms of singers, I’d love to work with Nicki Minaj; she's always so flamboyant and I could have so much fun doing a commission for her! With models I’d loooove to see Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss in my work, they both have a really great personalities and I think that would work with what I do. Also, I’ve always wanted to do a pair of glasses for Elton John. That is definitely a dream of mine, I have a lot of ridiculous ideas I just need to work out how to make this happen!

Grazia Daily: Whilst you are still at university how do you plan on growing the brand, what is the next step?

Christian: Well right now I’m working on the SS15 collection. I want it to be bigger and better! I want to build up a really great press book and just keep expanding. I’d love to move into sales in the near future also.

*Grazia Daily: If you could be creative director of any brand which one would it be and why? *

Christian: I’ve always been a big fan of Jeremy Scott, I would have so much fun doing work with them! I always have ideas for big budget shows and campaigns so would love to just make the most amazing campaigns.

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