The Only Heels I’ve Ever Worn All Day And Danced In All Night Are £90 Cheaper In This Sale

The 'comfiest' shoes on the internet are now in the sale.

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As a forever trainers hun, Lily Allen is my idol - the woman who made wearing dresses and comfy shoes not just acceptable, but cool. Lockdown then helped bring everyone over to my side but, occasionally, you do want to wear a heel (I had two weddings this year, for instance) and apparently, the Esska shoeis the one you need. Esska shoes, say my friends and the internet (which is obsessed) are the comfiest heels around. Which is why I'm thrilled I've discovered that you can get a pair for 25% off this Black Friday.

Esska shoes are now 25% off on Anthropologie and some of the styles have more than £90 off. And on theEsska site, the brand are offering 30%off loads of styles.

Esska became famous online largely thanks to its Charlie style. The Charlie is a chunky platform heel that comes in almost every colour you can think of. The heel height is 70mm which includes a 20mm front platform, meaning that even though they look like a decent heel height, the angle on your foot isn't actually too bad.

Esska Black Friday
Price: £120 (was £160)

There's also The Valerie, which is a higher heel, but still - according to reviews - comfortable enough to party in.

And there are a load of boots and covered toe options, too, that are now also beloved by Esska fans.

Esska shoe reviews - are they really that comfortable?

I turned to my Esska-loving friends who swore to me that they really are the wearable heels I've been looking for.

Liz told me: 'I LOVE my platinum Charlie Esskas. They go with everything and make me feel like a 70s glamourpuss. I've worn them for weddings and gone from ceremony to dinner to dancing into the night without taking them off.

'They're the comfiest heels I've ever worn, and I am trainers and boots 'til I die.'

Alison, who wears heels more regularly, is also a fan. She told me: 'I love my Esska Valerie sandals. The black heel makes them so comfortable (even when it's 3 inches). I can't wait to wear them to all my Christmas parties.'

She did bring some honesty to the chat though, too. 'I have to admit, my feet did get a bit of a burning sensation after walking around New York in them all day on a holiday - they're not magic. But they are the higher ones...' Also, as someone who can't make it past dinner at a wedding in heels, I'm ideally not looking for 12 hours of stomping time.

A Mumsnet discussion into the Esska was similarly enthusiastic.

One fan said: 'Only heels I've ever worn all day and danced all night. In fact I love them so much I now have three pairs. I have the Charlie style as they are mid height and I found the Valerie a bit too high. Also I have very wide feet and they fit perfectly. Mine are gold, black and pink.'

Another added: 'I bought a pair of gold Charlie shoes for a wedding and they were comfortable all day. And I have terrible feet and really struggle with any sort of heel.'

Are Esska Shoes In The Black Friday Sale?

Yes - we've found Esska shoes in the Black Friday sale on the Anthropologie website for 25% off. And on the official Esska site, there's up to 30% off lots of styles.

SHOP: The Best Esska Shoe Deals

Esska Black Friday
Price: £120 (was £160)

Esska Black Friday
Price: £120 (was £160)

Esska Black Friday
Price: £71.25 (was £165)

Esska Black Friday
Price: £135 (was £180)

Esska Black Friday
Price: £58.80 (was £145)

Do Esska shoes fit true to size?

Esska says that all styles might fit slightly differently, but to help, it does specify in the product description if the style fits big, small, or normal.

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