How To Dress Yourself Happy: The Affordable New Wardrobe You’ll Want For Spring

This high street collection is just waiting to put a smile on your face.


by Grazia |

Much has been said about dopamine dressing, the concept of using what you wear to improve your mood. Bright colours, pops of print and easy silhouettes have all been shown to have a positive impact on their wearer’s mood and, now more than ever, we’re turning to our wardrobes to imbue us all with a sense of fun and comfort. Hardly surprising after the last couple of years.

There’s one stalwart of the British high street which is championing this concept for the new season in a big way. Next’s spring/summer collection is an explosion of zesty hues, tropical prints, neon accessories and a whole lot of joy. Forget everything you thought you knew about getting dressed every day – while these clothes are all easy-to-wear and will seamlessly fit into your daily life, they’re full of spirit and style enough to propel you into spring 2032. And they’ll look just as good then, too.


With plans firmly back in the diary, you’ll be looking for excuses to go out thanks to these new season treats. Your old jeans might need a rest for a while as you embrace Next’s emerald straight legs or the ‘70s-inspired mulberry flares. Tuck in a retro-style shirt and add oversized sunglasses for effortless cool or pair with a bright white tee and neon heels for a twist on your usual going-out combo.


If you’re suddenly facing more weddings than you can remember but also want to book that holiday you’ve been postponing for 20 months, there are pieces to cover all eventualities. The ruffle-detail midi dress could be dressed up with heels and statement jewels for a more formal occasion but won’t look out of place over swimwear at a beach bar (one can dream).


There are also those hard-working, chic staples that simultaneously manage to be bang on trend and timeless, too. Chunky cable knits, printed trousers and super-soft polo knits (the top seen on all of Insta’s coolest girls) will go with everything you own but feel fresh as a daisy.

It’s the sartorial equivalent of an endorphin rush and it won’t cost you a fortune, either. It may sound too good to be true but it’s simply what you deserve after an extended period of no plans. In this new wardrobe, you’ll be singing from the rooftops. Or the karaoke bars, at least.

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