Drake’s UK Clothing Line Launch: Basically An Excuse To Revisit His Wardrobe History

Drake's UK Clothing Line Launch


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Drake's UK Clothing Line Launch: Basically An Excuse To Revisit His Wardrobe History

GALLERY >> Drake's Wardrobe History1 of 11

GALLERY >> Drake's Wardrobe History

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2009 - From Jordans to Yeezys, Drake spent most of 2009 rocking a statement sneaker. Paired sometimes with Comme des Garcons PLAY and sometimes with Louis Vuitton (check the wallet), he also appeared in ads for the streetwear brand LRG. And so a star was born.

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2010 - It wasn't until late 2010 that we found out Drake can wear a suit. Whether it's classic or experimental, we think you'll agree he scrubs up alright?

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2010 - Also in 2010, Drake released his first album. Upon release the rapper was all about the boots, varsity jackets and prints. We're particular fans of his penchant for leopard print...

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2012 - A year characterised by sunglasses, velvet slippers, jeans and puffa jackets. This look is all about the outerwear.

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2012 - An early sign of designs to come?

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2012 - There are no words to describe this shirt. None.

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2013 - "Hey good looking. You talkin' to me?"

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2013 - Not for long, as Drake was back to his streetwear finery by the summer

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2014 - New year, new look. Or not quite.

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2014 - But if it ain't broke, don't fix it. From Balmain to Jil Sander, the man of 2014 knows how to work his labels.

**UPDATE: **The man himself Drake attended his clothing launch at Browns in London on 27 March wearing (quelle surprise) a hoodie, jeans and a brown coat. The celebration was in honour of a pop-up store launch for the singer at Browns, which Drake tagged his appearance at onto the end of his UK tour. Multitasking eh?

Let's face it. The road to sartorial stardom isn't always painless. Which is why when someone comes good in the style sense we can't deny it makes us just a little bit pleased. And rapper Drake has done just that: finally come good, via a new clothing line for Browns Focus, which launches in the UK on March 22nd - that's tomorrow, people.

Drake's UK Clothing Line Launch: Basically An Excuse To Revisit His Wardrobe History

Once solely known for wearing supersized sweaters, old jeans, and a series of Hood By Air tees, Drake has stuck to what he knows best in the collection and turned out a streetwear-inspired line of patterned hoodies, t-shirts, flatcaps and oversized slogan varsity jackets: all a far cry from the slick Tom Ford suits he's been known to be seen in in the past. We wonder if official GF Rihanna might be snapping any of it up anytime soon…

Drake's UK Clothing Line Launch: Basically An Excuse To Revisit His Wardrobe History

The October's Very Own line will drop at Browns Focus tomorrow, March 22. In the meantime, check out our collection of Drake's style staples and then click through some of the new clothes. Disclaimer: it features several hoodies.

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