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If Your Denim-Fatigue Is Real, It’s The Summer To Try These 7 Alternative Trousers

© Burberry; Net-A-Porter; Zara

Thick, rigid and unyielding, denim is many things but it is not suitable for a heatwave. Not one to complain about a month of sunshine, I am, however, liable to complain about how unsuitable my wardrobe is for this weather. First, the closed-toed shoes were put into hibernation, then any heavy dresses, but the last to leave my day-to-day existence is my most reliable, most trusted companion: denim. It’s just not working for me right now.

While my jeans have a much-needed holiday on the back shelf of my wardrobe, I’m turning my attention to seven alternative trouser styles. There’s the wide-leg palazzo pant - I personally have my eye on a pale pink Topshop design - that falls somewhere between Studio 54 and Katherine Hepburn. In a similar vein, the mannish chino, like that by Ulla Johnson, has the appealing structure that comes with denim tailoring but none of its heft. Meanwhile, jodhpurs, pyjama pants, cotton joggers and combat trousers move the bottom-half conversation on. Purging the weight of jeans but still offering that downtime from workwear, these alternatives are versatile and dependable.